Carmela Sievers Talks About Personal Life, Siblings, And Parents

carmela sievers

Carmela Sievers is a 15-year-old girl born in the year 2007. Josephine Sievers is her only sibling. A lot of people identify Sievers as daughter of Dr. Teresa Sievers, who was brutally murdered.

carmela sievers

For her ninth birthday her aunt Dawn was able to gift her with an blond hair spray as well as an emermaid-themed book. Carmela also received the same gift when she found out about her father’s detention at the time of Christmas. In spite of what happened, Dawn commented that she wanted her daughters to feel like they were children.

Her siblings and brothers

Josephine Sievers, her older sister is an 18-year-old born in 2004. When Mark was born in 2016, his sister-inlaw Dawn Tottenham sent Josephine a purple gown to mark her birthday. Josephine said to her aunt “I know I’m strong, and I know her spirit is here.” “However, I miss my mum tremendously.”

The occupation of the parent

Teresa Sievers, Carmela Sievers Mother was a holistic physician.

Their father, Mark Sievers, worked as an office manager.

Her mother’s death

Died of Dr. Teresa Sievers shocked the entire state of Florida in June of 2015 The show “48 Hours” delves into the circumstances surrounding her death. The show, which been awarded numerous awards for its meticulous investigation and professional display, go extraordinary measures to understand the events that transpired. Doctor Sievers was an acclaimed holistic doctor who married Mark Sievers. They have two children in addition.

In June 2005 Their mother was brutally killed at the home of their parents in Bonita Springs home. They were aged between 11 and 8 at the at the time. Two boys beat Teresa to death using an hammer. Her body was found dead in the kitchen following Mark called a friend to inquire about her.

carmela sievers

Jimmy Ray Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright were able to break into their home, shut off their alarms, went to the nearby Walmart to buy some things and returned at the house to murder the two. Wright along with their father were best acquaintances since high school, and had a long-standing relationship in Missouri According to the news reports shortly after their arrests. Their father was apprehended soon after. Teresa claimed to have threatened to split Mark and his kids, and Mark determined that killing her was his only option.

When their mother was killed by a homicide, and their father was convicted of the murder After the murder, the Department of Children and Families placed them in a different family living in the same area, as they inspected the relatives who offered to take care of the children.

Their grandmother will be their protector

Her mother Mary Ann Groves, sought the temporary custody of her grandchildren during the time Siever was imprisoned. In the aftermath of the incident, she said that the two were suffering from severe emotional and psychological stress. The judge granted her control of both children the 16th of May 2016. Bonnie’s mother Mark’s request for temporarily custody given to her was denied by the judge.

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