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In Roblox it’s possible to find a lot of games of all of genres. A few games come with Discord servers. In the present, are condominium games available? Are there any condo games available on Roblox? Additionally, are there townhouse games available on Roblox Discord servers? It is something we should investigate here.

Condominium Games Roblox Discord Servers

In the time that I decided to investigate condo games on Discord servers, it is clear that this is a terrible game that’s not recommended to you at all. These games don’t have any benefit as are the Discord servers. So, it’s better to stay clear of these games and avoid joining such a Discord server. It is much better to play games that offer positive tones and will provide you with certain things.

If you want to join Roblox discord server it’s best to join good servers. There are plenty of other excellent servers to join. If you are a fan of Bloxburg then you should join the Bloxburg Discord server.

In the event that you don’t have any idea of Discord servers to join, and assuming that it’s connected to Roblox it is contingent upon the games you prefer to play. In the explanation below you will find a couple of games you could be able to play. There are also Discord servers that you can join.

Roblox Games and Their Discord Servers

There are many fun games you can play on Roblox as well. Here’s a few of them.


Vesteria is a video game that was created by the Vesteria Team on September eighteenth in the year 2018. The main theme of this game is Adventure and at the time this article was written the last update for the game took place on August 15th, 2021. The players of this game are now at 35 million. The game has been played on over 464k times.

This game allows you will explore stunning universes, fight powerful beasts, discover hidden secrets and important fortunes, create groups and associations with your friends fight unjust prisons, and many more.

The game you’ll find various identities like,

The Real Adventure Begins
This ID can be obtained when you join the group.

Treasure Hunter
The identification can be obtained when you find the Bluesteel Money box.

Treasure Master
This is the case if you find a fantastic money box.

Alpha Supporter
This ID is obtained when you play the Vesteria stage during your time on the Alpha stage.

In addition, there are other names
There are also game pass packs are available for purchase, such as Bounty Hunter, Tester + 16 Slots Double Inventory Space and 8 Character Slots.

For joining the Discord server for this game, click here to make the link. This Discord server is home to over 53k users.


This game was created by Century Makers on April 28th 2021. The type of game is Town and City and the size of the server is 25. This game has been played more than 461 million times. It has been favored by more than 1 million people.

This game lets you’ll be able to choose your own job clothes, professions, and outfits. You can also have a variety of homes and vehicles. Enjoying your pet’s unique personality and getting insider information about the location are among the many options with this game.

There are a lot of IDs that are available in the game, including Welcome to Livetopia, Friends Up, The Nice-to-Haves, New Career, End of World, The Secret, Mega Mech and some more. This game you can purchase additional game passes you can buy such as VIP Pass, Carnival Set, Summer Pass, Royal Pass as well as Aviation Pass.

If you want to join Discord, click here to join the Discord server, follow this link to get how to connect to the server.

Level 5 House Tycoon

The game was developed by Humza on the 12th of October 2019. The server size for this game is 18. In the last few days the game has been played in more than the 178 million times it has been favored over 590k times.

The game is where players can receive an ID to access a the only person in the Secret Room. There are plenty of game tickets that you can buy in this game , including VIP, Double Cash Customize Auto Collect House Lock and the Deluxe Car Pack, Hyper Car Pack Super Car Pack, and Track Car Pack.

Join the Discord server for this game, click here to find the link to join.

Playville RP

Playville RP is a game that is part of Roblox created by Antiael on December 14th the 14th of December, 2020. The server’s size is 28 and the category of the game’s game’s name can be described as Town and City. The game has been played over 110 million times and has been favored by more than 427k people.

This game requires you have to play with your family, take care of pets, and construct your own home within the town of Playville. This game is played by you’ll be given a special welcome badge to play this game. There are additional game tickets that you can purchase , including the VIP card, double cash Premium Plots and Starter Pack Triple Pets, Millionaire Pack and Modern Pack.

For joining the Discord server for this game, follow the link. This Discord server is home to more than 5k people.

Eating Simulator

This game was developed by YUM on June 14th 2021. The server’s size is 12 and the type of this game’s theme is Adventure. The game has been played over 39 million times, and has been favored on by more than 176k people.

The game is where you have to eat food in order to get heavier and provide your food items to increase and change. There are tons of game pass options that you can buy in the game, such as VIP, x2 Coins Unlimited Food, East Fast, 2 Food +2 Pets Equipped +4 Pets Equipped +100 Pet Storage 500 Pet Storage the Fast Hatch and x2 Luck 3 Egg Hatch and Unlimited Pets Equipped.

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