Google is making all the right moves with the Pixel Tablet

Pixel Tablet

Google’s tablet plans aren’t an open secret. The recently revealed Pixel Tablet is the latest in the long series of attempts to crack the market for smart slates that is elusive. Instead of following the same model of strategy for tablet computers, Google appears to be working on something totally different.

In presenting its Pixel Tablet as a competent tablet that doubles as the central point in the intelligent living space, Google is giving its customers a unique opportunity. Here’s my reasons why I think this is Google’s best chance to make its tablet a huge success.

Pixel Tablet

Do you think a smart docking option (adding an audio speaker and power) will make Pixel Tablet more appealing? Pixel Tablet more appealing to you?

Tablets are an expensive item and smart home integrations can help them be more efficient

I’ve had a variety of tablets to choose from throughout the time. While I was awed by it, I was a bit disappointed by the Nexus 7’s tiny profile the tablet’s bite-sized size never, if at all went away from my desk. It was occasionally used to browse RSS feeds, or to keep track of social media. Sometimes I’d also use it to watch streaming video however, it mostly was left in the corner until it was charged out. When it was time to remove it I had a hard time finding reasons that would justify purchasing a new tablet.

Many years ago I have an iPad Air does almost exactly the similar thing. I utilize it as a second display for looking at my task lists or scrolling through RSS feeds. If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll attach it onto it’s Magic Keyboard case that I paid excessively on and work in a coffee shop. For most of the time the keyboard never leaves from my house. It’s not just me.

Surveys show that the majority of users do not use their tablets outside

A recent study found there are only 12 percent of people have their tablets out of their home. The Pixel Tablet teaser page, Google confirms the same. Tablet use is, as you can imagine much smaller than smartphones and with phone display sizes growing to the size of mini-tablets it’s not logical for the majority of people to have two devices. In addition, the advent of smartphones that fold is likely to push down the use of dedicated tablets even further.

In addition, tablets are typically shared devices as well, and it’s not unusual to find a tablet shared among multiple members of a family. In presenting it as a Pixel Tablet as a central smart home gadget rather than a personal device, Google is clearly aiming to reach a wider market. Particularly at a point that the market in tablets are declining across the globe.

Possibilities of using tablets as an intelligent home hub isn’t exactly a new idea. Amazon has been promoting the fire tablets as fake Amazon Echo Show devices for quite a while currently. It’s a practical approach, but the whole experience may leave you disappointed. Similar to Lenovo’s Google Assistant-powered Smart Tab M10 is a dual-purpose tablet that doubles as an interactive display. But, a tablet that is priced at a bargain is rarely capable of providing high-quality ambient computing experience.

Pixel Tablet

A tablet that functions as a home hub isn’t a novel concept but this Pixel Tablet will likely do it better

Double-down on using the tablet’s role as an all-in-one smart hub device provides it Pixel Tablet a unique dual purpose, and a large part of that is due the implementation of Google. Contrary to Lenovo as well as Amazon, Google is clearly developing its Pixel Tablet to be a top-of-the-line intelligent display and could be the primary difference.

One reason is that the dock that houses a speaker and charger will provide it with the best audio quality. Although most tablets are sat at a table or table tops and are not able to be placed on tables, the Pixel Tablet on its dock will use its top-quality display to show pictures of the Google Photos library and while charging. It’s not even the first. A combination of powerful hardware with fully-fledged operating systems will provide a variety of exciting experiences.

The combination of highly-powered internals and a fully-fledged operating system will provide high-end desktop computing

If you’re like my tablet, it probably is sat on a table or on a bookshelf. I frequently discover it’s running out of charges when I don’t really require it. A stable home base and additional functions around the house will solve both issues.

All it is about the shape factor

I’ve frequently thought of getting my nest hub on my desk. Its instant accessibility, an intuitive display for home control, and good speakers make it far more valuable to me than tablets. Add an internet browser as well as support for apps for basic use as well as you have the Nest Hub would cover most of the scenarios I’m looking for a tablet to use for. Perhaps, someone from Google thought the same thing. of thought.

The tablet’s dock-based design allows for reachability and frequent access

Pixel Tablet Pixel Tablet and its docking base are designed to provide access and reachability. It is also able to be used intermittently. You can pick it up whenever you’re in need of adjusting its lighting smartly and then place it back into the dock. Drop it off whenever you’re in the mood for streaming or relax, and return it to the charger and away it goes.

In addition, even though I am a fan of the Nest Hub however, I’ve struggled to justify putting several units in my home network. The Pixel Tablet’s home-based features immediately make it a simple for me to buy. Being able to take it with me to the different areas of my home makes it more efficient as a smart hub and I’m willing to believe that many others are willing to pay more for it.

The modular design is ideal for those who want to reduce clutter and tackle two issues with just one device

Pixel Tablet

I do not know about you I’m all about less the clutter in my house and, among my Nest Hub and tablet I can tell which gets more use. Combining the two, you’ve got the ultimate modular solution.

A mid-range gap is being addressed in the market

Google’s strategy of solving two issues using a single solution gives it a distinct benefit. The tablet market in the world is between two sides of the spectrum. The Apple iPad collection is clearly targeting an audience that is more discerning. But, sales are likely to be found in the basic, budget tablet segment. There’s a gap of mid-range size within the marketplace that Samsung has been trying to fill but hasn’t provided any real value, and the Pixel Tablet could be a sure-fire winner similar to Pixel 7. Pixel 7..

Its Pixel Tablet could easily fill the gap in Samsung’s top tablets as well as many budget-friendly options.

Its Pixel Tablet could incentivize buyers to spend more than the budget tablets. It makes no pretense about being a professional-focused high-end machine, nor does it need to. A tablet that is professional is an expensive Netflix machine that lacks an app ecosystem that is professional-focused and compelling which is something the Android tablet community has had trouble with. The reason that Samsung’s top-end Galaxy Tabs stand out is because of its software ecosystem. This Pixel Tablet is, instead focused on giving users what they want. Concentrating on the everyday common use cases allows it to have a chance at making a mark in the market.

When you look at the larger Google Pixel Series It’s evident that Google is content to play between premium and mid-range price ranges. If Google could replicate this pricing strategy for its Pixel Tablet, it could be a winner in its hands.

Despite its dual-purpose design however, the Pixel Tablet will need to get the price right to have any chance of being successful

Google’s hardware strategy suggests that it’s content to remain on the side of the flagship tablet category. Utilizing that same Google Tensor G2 processor that powers Pixel 7 smartphones, Pixel 7 smartphones will allow it to take advantage of economies of scale and utilize the same machine-learning capabilities that its smartphones have been successful in. In the same way, the large bezels, polycarbonate design as well as the lack of multiple cameras indicate that the tablet was designed to reach a specific price level. My opinion is that this is an appropriate strategy in order for Pixel Tablet to have any chance of the success it has.

The timing also is excellent. Previous tablet attempts have been hampered by the absence of software that was designed from scratch to support a larger screen. Google requires its Pixel Tablet to be a top-of-the-line Android tablet. It has already stated that its Pixel Tablet will be the most efficient method to enjoy Android with a larger screen. In addition, with Android 12L’s tablet-specific optimizations and features, the Pixel Tablet should be equipped with the right software to prove this assertion.

Pixel Tablet Pixel Tablet is Google’s best (last) chance to make an impression in the tablet world

Based on what we’ve seen from the Pixel Tablet, it looks like Google’s product team finally grasped the concept. Connecting with the Pixel Tablet with the brand trust that comes with the Nest ecosystem, and an additional application makes it a moderately priced device all the more attractive.

The familiarity with the brand that comes with Nest’s brand name and the Nest ecosystem could provide to the Pixel Tablet a much-needed shot in the direction of.

Pixel Tablet

With a clear and uncompromising direction and a more focused approach to daily use the Pixel Tablet appears to have all the necessary ingredients to ensure the right kind of success, particularly for people like me who is unsure about the necessity of an actual tablet.

With a larger and more powerful and hopefully better could be my central point of smart home’s ecosystem. If I require an iPad I no longer have to search for it on the shelves and hope that it’s in good condition. On paper this tablet Pixel Tablet ticks all the right boxes for me as an average user. I’m certain that it’s a good device for others.

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