How to Buy Tesla Stock on eToro

buy tesla stock on etoro

Tesla is one of the most discussed companies worldwide for good reason; their pioneering electric cars and innovative approach have completely upended the automotive industry.

eToro is an excellent platform to use when investing in Tesla shares. In this tutorial, we will go through all the steps necessary for purchasing these shares with eToro.

Create an eToro Account

As part of getting started on the platform, the first step should be creating an eToro account. Joining is a straightforward process and you can sign up using either your email address, your Facebook or Google account – then once you register you’ll need to verify it by providing some basic identifying data about yourself.

Deposit Funds in Your eToro Account Now

For purchasing Tesla stock, eToro requires depositing funds into its account via one of several payment options such as credit card, PayPal or wire transfer from your bank account. When making deposits it’s advisable to double check any minimum deposits and fees that apply before proceeding with your transaction.

Once your account is funded, eToro allows you to easily search for Tesla. Simply enter “Tesla” into the search bar located at the very top of their website, and when clicking this link a page will load with information regarding Tesla’s stock – such as current price, performance history and market capitalization.

For buying Tesla stock on eToro, click on the “Trade” button on its page and this will bring up a trade ticket where you can enter how much money you wish to invest at this time and set either take profit or stop loss orders in order to reduce risk.

Advantages of Investing in Tesla Stock Through eToro

Gain Access to a Global Market: Thanks to their global platform, investors can purchase Tesla shares from any location around the globe with ease using eToro’s services.

Easy to Use: Even novice traders will find using eToro simple thanks to its user-friendly interface for purchasing and selling Tesla shares.

Fractional Shares: With eToro, investing in Tesla starts from as little as $50! This platform allows users to buy fractional shares of its stock.

Safe Platform: With eToro as your secure investment platform for Tesla shares, there’s no need to fret over your funds when investing with them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is eToro an appropriate platform for buying Tesla stock?

A: Absolutely. eToro provides an extremely safe platform.

Q: Am I able to purchase fractional shares of Tesla stock through eToro?

A: With eToro’s fractional unit purchase option for Tesla stock, it is possible to start investing with as little as $50 in your account.

Q: How much are the fees associated with buying Tesla stock on eToro?

A: eToro charges what’s known as the spread fee – the difference between how much a stock can be purchased or sold for on either end of a trade – for purchasing Tesla stock on their platform. Their current spread fee for Tesla trades stands at 0.75% of their trade value.


Leveraging eToro to invest in Tesla stock is an excellent way to take advantage of their rapid rise. Following the steps outlined here will enable you to quickly and easily buy it on eToro and build up your portfolio quickly and easily.

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