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Alternatives to nhl66 and we’ll look at the best websites, is it safe to use and much more to talk about. Read this article until the end to discover additional interesting websites similar to this, as well as other useful details about nhl66.


What is NHL66?

The nhl66 sports streaming website that allows streaming of hockey matches. Fans can view hockey matches live on this site. The site is accessible to all over the world. In certain countries, it’s already blocked and is not functioning. Users nowadays use VPN to access the site without restriction. NHL66 is known for its live stream for free HD footage of NHL. Presently, nhl66.com and .ir are redirecting users to robosports.ir which you can view in the image below.

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On the website of robosports there is a live stream of sports including hockey, football, baseball and basketball. If you’re an NBA fan, you can visit this site.

Websites Like nhl66

If you’re looking for alternatives, here’s the list.

1. Sportsurge

Sportsurge is an incredible site, fast, and one of the best options on this list for watching hockey streaming online . However, it also has other sports like football, soccer, basketball boxing, etc.

The website doesn’t use any kind of annoying pop-up advertisements. So, the low-quality pop-up advertisements won’t bother users and the site offers you an excellent user experience.

2. nba4live

The main focus of nba4live is broadcasting streamed live broadcasts of NBA games. This is an illegal site and we do not recommend making use of any free or illegal streaming sites for sports. This article is a guideline for what’s available in the Internet.


This is the most suitable alternative for the subreddit, r/NBAstreams, which was shut down in 2019. If you are a fan of the thrill of watching national basketball championships as well as local, you should consider this alternative too.

3. Grandma Streams

Grandma Streams is a multi-sporter and is among the most sought-after places for those who love sports. This site has a variety of sports for people to enjoy without cost. You can stream free of all sports.

A majority of the games are accessible on this site. The games accessible on this site – soccer NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Tennis as well as combat sports, rugby and formula1.

4. Hesgoal

Hesgoal is mostly used by the population of European as well as Asian countries as per the website’s statistics. This is due to the fact that the site offers the sports of football, racing cricket, and other sports that are well-known throughout European and Asian countries.


Check out the most recent news, view the most recent live streams and receive information on upcoming or recent events.

Is it a secure site?

It’s not a legally-valid website , so the security and security of these websites is a significant issue.

What is the reason this website isn’t working ? How can I remove the blockage of this site within my region?

If this website isn’t functioning in your country, it could be due to a variety of factors like your government is not allowing websites that are spammy similar to this, or your government is involved in the field of information technology, and rapidly detects these websites and blocks access to these websites This website service isn’t accessible in your region or the website was disqualified by Google as well as other search engines. Legal actions may be taken against this site for providing free streaming , without permission or license, etc.


It is possible to use a free VPN such as Psiphon to unlock any website. It is also possible to check out premium VPN , but it’s not needed, a free VPN can be used to unlock websites and use it for just a couple of minutes or even hours. Premium VPN is merely a way to add additional options if you’d like and you want to check the premium version. There are many VPNs on the market.

Why does nhl66’s URL redirect to a different website?

It could be that this website was punished or been removed either by the Government or another Internet regulator. There are many reasons for this. Now, the website nhl66.ir has been redirected to the web address https://robosports.ir/.

Is it a website that is illegal?


Yes, the website offered no cost NHL live streams on a daily basis for no cost. If you are providing an online stream of sports for free without permission for use copyright, or other legal works , then this is in the category of illegal web page. This may be the reason the website has been redirecting to a different website address.

Final Words

In the present time, the website nhl66 is redirected to the other website https://robosports.ir. The website is pretty very similar to the original working URL. We have always advised making use of only legitimate websites or services and applications. I hope that this article will be of help to you.

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