Pixwox: A Complete Guide On How To Use It


Pixwox is an incredible app for browsing Instagram stories, quickly browsing other people’s updates and quickly downloading them.

Ever wanted to watch someone’s Instagram Stories discreetly? Many of us do! Everyone at some point in their life has considered surreptitiously following someone, whether it is an enemy, ex-partner, or someone you have an intense attraction for.

Instagram keeps track of your profile views of someone else’s story, but there is an invisibility method via third party websites such as Pixwox that lets you access and download stories anonymously. We will explore this application further below in this post.

Pixwox: What it Is

With Pixwox for Instagram app, users may enlarge and save high-resolution versions of Instagram user profile photos for future viewing and download automatically via Pixwox software. Pixwox offers automatic Instagram photo/video/highlight downloads enabling seamless experience!

Use this application to capture images and videos and then reshare them on Instagram without signing in to your account. Users can search the profiles of their friends or musicians to explore hashtags and account details related to each account on Instagram.

With Pixwox software, you can take your favorite movies or photos and post them directly onto Instagram with original hashtags and captions. Some great features of the Pixwox for Instagram and Repost App include no login requirement, full download of videos/photos without interruption, speedy story download speed, support for copy links and an elegant bubble service to prevent switching between applications while saving time by downloading multiple photos at the same time.

Pixwox Applications Provide Advantages

Without disclosing their identity or personally identifiable data, anyone can create stories using this Instagram story viewer application.

  • You can download exclusive posts from the internet without registering along with your Account.
  • If you’re curious about his usage history, you can view it as well.
  • The procedures listed below can help you download history to your smartphone if it isn’t already there.
  • Your Pixwox activity is hidden from everyone.
  • For viewing posts that can be downloaded, Pixwox offers a secure environment.
  • The use of this website in relation to the Instagram Charge Less app is secure.

Pixwox Applications Have Some Advantages and Drawbacks

As demonstrated above, Pixwox provides many advantages; however, everything has both positive and negative aspects. Below we outline some disadvantages of this software that were identified:

  • Many negative evaluations have been left about the website.
  • It frequently is unable to find the desired account.
  • On social media, Pixwox is not very well recognized.
  • It is brand new to the sector and hasn’t drawn much notice.

This website’s rating ranges from extremely low to very low, possibly as a result of weak Know Your Customer procedures at its domain registration agency and weak trust measures on this site. As a result, trust ratings for this domain registration agency have fallen.

Steps for viewing and downloading Instagram stories using Pixwox

Below are a few steps that will show you how you can view and download an Instagram video or story.

Step 1: Copy the username of the Instagram account whose story or video you wish to watch.

Step 2: Navigate the Pixwox website using any web browser of your choosing – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Edge are excellent choices – JavaScript must be activated for it to function effectively.

Step 3: Enter the username of the individual whose story or video you would like to download/watch in the provided input field, then press the search button.

Step 4: All stories will be collected and processed by the Pixwox app before being presented to you. Visit the posts page if you just want to read or download individual posts.

Step 5: Every story displayed contains a “DOWNLOAD” link which makes downloading extremely straightforward; simply click and start your download now! With this app’s incredibly straightforward process of Instagram stories downloads, the steps for video posts or photos is exactly the same.


Our hope is that this article has given you all of the tools and knowledge to assess the advantages and disadvantages of Pixwox software as well as steps for downloading and viewing someone’s Instagram story.

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