Saruei Real Face: Everything You Need To Know

saruei real face

Saruei real-life face Saruei is a Twitch social VTuber, who’s friendly and direct and her way of weaves her story around the mystery of her digital illustrations is a major draw for her followers. Did Saruei’s face come out due to the awe-inspiring attractiveness? You might be puzzled. Let’s have a look at Saruei’s Face Reveal as well as some of the facts about Saruei you may not have known.

saruei real face

Saruei Real Face

Saruei is a very well-known Twitch streamer. Her deeper-meaning type of storytelling holds a special spot in her soul. Saruei isn’t just a vtuber and gamer and vtuber, she also utilizes her works as symbol source to tell a story. In the end, it’s more mysterious than sharing too much. Vtbuers by nature conceal their faces and identities. are Saruei similar? Do you know if there is a Saruei-Face Reveal? Read on to find out the details about her surprise.

Has Saruei Revealed Her Face?

Saruei is a popular and well-known twitcher remains an unsolved mystery. Has Saruei revealed his identity? She is yet to reveal her real identity. Saruei is an female Twitch member, was the first to have appeared on the YouTube website. Twitch was suspended for three days because of not breaking the sexual content which caused a lot of anger and hypocrisy among her followers. Twitch’s female user has been a bit quiet about her forthcoming appearance. When she is speaking with her graphic art famous twitcher, she is very open about her feelings. Saruei hasn’t revealed her face until now, however, she’s shown her feet.

saruei real face

Saruei Biography

Real Name Rael
Nickname Saruei
Profession virtual YouTuber, Twitch streamer & illustrator
Age 26 [not confirmed]
Date of Birth 18 April
Birthplace France
Hometown France
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality French
Religion Christianity
College Not Known
Hobbies Traveling
Famous For Streaming on Twitch

VTuber Saruei’s Real Name

Real name: Saruei VTuber Her tremendous love of digital art and illustration helped keep her life in order. She’s known as an “Art Streamer” since she can combine art and video games. Her real name is Rael and she’s born in France. French nationality. Instead of making her own name the artist is known by the moniker ‘Moniker-Saruei’ when she is on the social network. It is possible that we should grant Saruei a little privacy in her private life. We don’t know whether the twitcher has siblings or other information regarding her family.

Age of Saruei VTuber

We’re missing information about Saruei’s VTuber age. We did some research about Saruei’s birthday on April 18th. We do not know what amount of money Saruei earns. We have gathered information from reliable sources and we believe at Saruei earns $200 a month. Saruei’s work in digital art might have also earned an extra amount of money. We can see that the VTuber has over 160k Twitch followers. We believe she earns money through Twitch and could have made investments in the meantime to boost the value of her money in her pocket. There are also ASMR-related posts.

Twitch Ban for Saruei

Twitch issued a violation notice at the Art broadcaster over her artwork in a sexually explicit way. On the 18th of September, 2019 the Vtuber made this comment on Twitter. She also shares her thoughts with the followers who are wondering what she did. She also said that she’d been posting similar things for around an entire year and that the limitations caused her to feel uneasy. Her work was deemed unconstitutional by Twitch which left Saruei and her followers in the in the dark. She actually drew the same game avatar that she sees on video game screens, yet the game is highly praised.

The facts about Saruei

Saruei has reached 300,000 Twitch subscribers on February 4, 2022.

The third version of her costume was unveiled on February 14, 2022.

Saruei was the creator of Lilypichu’s Live2D avatars prior to joining VTubing.

Saruei is a coffee lover.

Saruei finds cooking boring.

saruei real face


1. What is the ethnicity Saruei belongs to?

Saruei is one of the French territory in France.

2. Who is Saruei?

Saruei is a very well-known Twitch streamer. Her deeper-meaning type of storytelling has a particular space in her soul.

3. When did Saruei start streaming on Twitch?

On the 27th of April the 27th of April, 2016 Saruei was added to Twitch’s user list.

4. Do Lilypichu’s Live2D avatars originate from Saruei?

Yes the Lilypichu’s Live2D avatars were created by Saruei prior to her Vtuber’s existence.

5. What is the actual Name of Saruei?

Rael is an extremely popular Twitch VTuber.

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