Steps To Activate Amazon Prime Video At

Nowadays, in the world, everyone is aware of one major name: Amazon. According to experts 90% of people around the globe purchase their products on In addition to shopping, Amazon has made its mark in the world of entertainment too. Amazon Prime Video is a new service offered by Amazon that will lets users watch unlimited videos and movies on the internet. In the current Covid-19 crisis, the governments of several nations refuses to let people go to cinemas to view movies. Many filmmakers have ties with Amazon Prime Video to publish their films on the platform , letting viewers not be missing their favourite stars, as well as the latest entertainment. Recently, many fake movies were have been released through Amazon Prime Video across the globe.

Amazon Prime Video is not restricted to mobile phones or computer screens. You can now watch Amazon Prime Video on any screen, such as TVs gaming consoles, streaming devices, and so on. To do this, however you have to sign up your device to Amazon Prime Video. In this article, we’ll examine how you can connect your device to Amazon Prime Video.

How to enable Amazon prime video on

Before beginning the activation process, you must verify whether your gadget is eligible to receive Amazon prime video , or not. To do this, you don’t have to go through a lengthy process , simply go to the channel store or app store on the device. Then, look up Amazon Prime Video. If you find Amazon Prime video on the application or channel, then you can proceed with the process, but not if you don’t. Follow the steps below to enable Amazon Prime video on your device.


  • Turn on the device and ensure it’s connected to the internet..
  • Log into the channel store or application and look to find Amazon Prime Video channel or the application.
  • Once you have found Amazon Prime Video add it as a channel. You can also install it on your device.
  • Once you have installed the application, launch the application and log into the account you created with your Amazon Prime Video account. If you’re new to Amazon Prime Video then click ” create an account“.
  • After logging in, a new screen will pop up your inbox with an verification code or the activation number for the gadget. The code is unique and which means that for different devices, you will require different codes.
  • Make use of a device to the internet like a laptop or a computer, and then open with an internet browser.
  • Log in onto the accounts you have on Amazon accounts or register an account in case you’re new to Amazon.
  • After you log in, you’ll be asked for your the activation number. Enter the activation code for the device, and then click the “Verify my device” button.


After you have clicked on ” Verify my device” return on your phone. The device will be refreshed automatically in the event that it does not refresh immediately, refresh manually. It will show that your device is linked to your account, and you can watch your favorite shows with your loved ones. The steps above are identical for every device. In some devices, there are additional steps such as the date of birth and so on. However, the rest of the steps are exactly the same. If you experience any issue during the installation process , then you can reach Amazon Prime video customer service for assistance or assistance.

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