The beast tamed by the villainess ch 2

the beast tamed by the villainess ch 2

The villainess turns the beast into a tamable one: This is the second part of the blog series. We explored the worlds of villains and the ways they can impact the business landscape. We examined how Dragon Capital, China’s most notorious villain, has used its power and taken over entire industries. It’s now time for the hero of the story to take down Dragon Capital’s reign. This part of the series will show you how to defeat a villainous corporation and win.

the beast tamed by the villainess ch 2

Villainess and the beast are able to tame the beast. ch 2: Beast tamed

Once a fierce and powerful beast, the Beast ruled the wilds. All of that changed when the villainess captured and trained it as her loyal servant. The Beast is now reliable and obedient, ready to follow her orders.

Villainess and the beast are beaten ch 2: The beginning of a new chapter

Once a terrifying creature, the Beast was feared by all who came across him. He was wild and uncontrollable, and would attack anyone in his path. The villainess entered his life. He began to learn how to love and be gentle from her and slowly started to change. He is now a faithful friend and companion who lives peacefully with her in her lair.

the beast tamed by the villainess ch 2

The Beast is a symbol for transformation and learning to control anger and violence. The Beast was made special by the villainess. She showed him that he wasn’t just a brute force. Beauty can often be found in the most unlikely places, as we all know.

Take it one step at a given time

Lila has been working out hard to prepare for her role as villainess in the new play. Lila has also been practicing her moves and studying her lines. She’s still nervous about performing on stage despite all her hard work.

the beast tamed by the villainess ch 2

She recalls the day she first met the Beast. She could feel his vulnerability underneath all the anger and hostility. She knew she could change him if she could help him find his place within the world.

Now Lila will approach the Beast step by step. She will show the Beast that life is not all about being destructive and angry. Together, they can rebuild their lives one step at a while.

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