The Newlywed Diary of a Witch and a Dragon MBTI

the newlywed diary of a witch and a dragon mbti

You’ve probably seen “The newlywed diary of a witch and a dragon mbti but have you actually gone through the Manga? If you’ve not yet read this manga you could get information about the series on the internet through Rawkuma. The site also provides the manga’s entire collection. For more information visit here! You can then decide if you’d like to go through the book or not.

the newlywed diary of a witch and a dragon mbti

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The Diary of a Newlywed of a Witch and a Dragon is a webtoon from the Romance genre that hails from Korea. It was premiered at Never in February of 2016. Based on Baridal’s Web novel The story is about Aiden Winters, a young leader of the Rune Research Division who has hidden secrets about his personal life.

Being one of the MBTI persona type The author as well as that dragon featured in the story are ‘Witch’. In the novel they make vows to stay together forever. First, they must discover more about their personality. Both ‘Dragons’ possess predominant and “Witch’ characteristics. In addition, the novel includes the ‘SciFi’ personality characteristic.

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The newlywed Diary of a Witch and the Dragon is a Web novel written by Baridal and illustrated by Seori. The novel follows two young couples who meet and marry, which results in an enchanting tale that is enjoyable and heartwarming. The plot however isn’t over. The readers will be treated to a variety of captivating stories.

the newlywed diary of a witch and a dragon mbti


“The Newlywed Diary of a Witch and a Dragon” is a fantastic web-based novel that will have fans of romance, fantasy and horror screaming. The book is about the story of a witch who is involved in an unintentional one-night affair with dragon and their subsequent transformation. They make a promise to stay together and, as time passes their relationship with witch is slowly changing.

the newlywed diary of a witch and a dragon mbti

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The newlywed diary of A Witch and a Dragon is a novel for young adults written by YA author Sarah Dessen. This is the debut novel in a trilogy that follows a young couple as they choose to live in the mystical world of. An accident in the car sends Areum into a realm called Soltera in which she is misinterpreted as being a vampire. She is re-sold to the Duke’s residence by a slave dealer, which is where she is introduced to Millard Travis, the sole vampire known to exist. They start working together, and soon become bonded and she promises to be his master. But as the story unfolds she begins to realize that Millard has a different view towards Areum than she had initially believed.

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