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vsco search

Although it was just released a few years in the past, VSCO (previously named VSCO Camera) has swiftly gained popularity and has become one of the top photography apps on both Android as well as iOS. In actuality, the more recent versions of VSCO offer more than just an application and are an escape for users who have a passion for stunning photography. The year 2014 was when VSCO began to compete with other social media sites by offering the possibility of searching for your acquaintances and viewing a feed consisting of posts they publish on their own VSCO searches.

Although VSCO is a smaller social network than Instagram but users are still able the chance to satisfy their desire for connections. If you’re an avid VSCO user and you’re looking to be connected with your colleagues, keep reading to learn how to do it with just a few easy steps that are easy to follow.

What is VSCO search Function?

vsco search

Before you can begin with”Find My Friends, “Find My Friends” option within the VSCO application, you may be wondering about how it locates your friends, and how it is actually searching for them. If you have an account on Twitter profile, you can use the VSCO app will search for Twitter friends who have at least a VSCO account tied to their Twitter account. If you decide to add friends to your contacts and the app checks each of the contacts in your address book on your phone have an active VSCO account.

Where to Look for Friends on VSCO

vsco search

Step 1

The first step is to click on the icon at the lower left corner on the screen. It will show the shape of a circle and vertical lines across it. It will bring you to your VSCO Feed.

Step 2

Once you have logged into your Feed, you’ll see an icon that appears like two smiley faces at the top left right corner on your display. Tap it to move to the next step in order to conduct a Vsco search.

Step 3.

There is a huge plus symbol in the upper right corner of the following screen. By tapping it, it will take your to the menu that follows.

Step 4

Within the “Find My Friends” section, you’ll be presented with three options to search in search of your acquaintances.

Option 1.

Clicking “Add to Twitter” will invite you to sign in to the Twitter account (if you already have one) to view the complete list of your Twitter contacts who have an account with VSCO. VSCO account.

Option 2.

If you select the “Add to contacts” option, you’ll be asked to input your telephone number. When you have entered it you do, VSCO will VSCO application will text you with a confirmation number. By entering the code, you will verify your number, which allows the app to search through all contacts in your address book, and search to see if there’s any VSCO accounts there.

vsco search

Option 3.

The other option is typing into the current username of an existing person you know. However, this option can only be used in the event that you have the exact name of their profile.


Connecting with friends via the VSCO app is simple and requires just two taps. If you decide to make it happen then you’ll be able to have your personalized VSCO feed in a matter of moments. We hope that this article will be of help to you and resolves the issue.

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