What Are The Benefits Of joinpd.cpm


One of the best ways to share your content with students is to use an application for presentation such as JoinPD. You can make a presentation and upload it to joinpd.cpm . Then, you can give access codes to each participant. This will restrict the actions of students , and ensure they do not alter their answers. It’s easy for teachers to keep track of the progress of their students. These are the characteristics of JoinPD. Let’s review of each one of these features.


JoinPD is a system for presenting

joinpd.cpm provides an online class system which lets teachers present their presentations to students. Teachers can design interactive presentations and also provide students with access codes that are unique to them. They can monitor the development of each student and keep track of responses they get. Teachers can also block their student accounts to ensure they are not able to access to content that is inappropriate for them. Teachers are also able to share presentations with multiple students , and keep track of the development of each. There are numerous advantages of making use of JoinPD for presentations in the classroom.

Its joinpd.cpm presentation system allows students to talk to the speaker and have questions asked during presentation. In contrast to traditional presentation systems, this program lets students ask questions in real time making it an engaging method to learn. It has numerous benefits over Pier Deck Presentation System and is rapidly gaining popularity in colleges and universities. Here are a few of them:

To start using JoinPD to begin, create an account for free using an Microsoft or Google email address. You can install a browser extension to make use of JoinPD. Once you’ve got your account set up, you will be able to upload presentations and assign attendees to various sessions. It is possible to use the JoinPD portal also lets teachers to manage group’s access to the presentation and manage who can join the group. It is also possible to invite additional participants by providing access codes.

Pear Deck offers a free trial of the joinpd.cpm presentation tool. This tool can be used to design a slide show and connect with new people. All you need to do is sign up on Pear Deck and enter your username and password. Once you have joined, you can then log into the account on your Pear Deck account and begin sharing your content. Additionally, you can upload whiteboards or sketches. After you’ve joined in the course, you will be able to begin to create presentations.

As opposed to many other online educational applications, joinpd.cpm allows teachers to monitor the progress of students. Teachers can join the number of students they wish and also monitor the answers students submit. Students can also sign up with an email account and password. Through the program, instructors are able to control each student’s answers and track their development. Teachers can also regulate the things students are allowed to and cannot take part in during the presentation. Teachers can design a presentation that is customized to meet their specific requirements.

Pear Deck can be described as an additional tool that works with Google Slides

The Pear Deck to Google Slides can be described as an add-on feature to PowerPoint. This interface is like one found in its Google Slides application, which has an Ask Students Question section, a Question section as well as an able drag ™ symbol. It also offers the option of adding questions as well as altering the size of slides. Pear is able to incorporate questions automatically into the slides. Users can also opt to display their answers in an e-mail box.

Pear Deck transforms teacher presentations into interactive classroom conversations which allows students to be engaged in the material and take their time. The tool allows teachers to see anonymous responses to their questions, and also the responses to students’ responses. It can also keep track of and save responses. Pear Deck is ideal for enthusiastic teachers who wish to make the most of their classes and wish to make them as fun and engaging as they can for their students.


Pear Deck integrates with Google Slides and Google Slides, making it easier for teachers to make exciting presentations. The intuitive interface lets teachers to personalize their presentations without needing to master complex HTML. The library also consists of professionally-designed templates including slides for social emotional, diverse subjects. Teachers can also create the slides they have created and then share with peers through this Pear Deck forums. Teachers should however be aware of being liable for legal consequences while making use of Pear Deck for Google Slides.

Although the first Google Slides version Google Slides has many useful options, it could get boring if the audience does not participate. Pear Deck is a no-cost Google Slides add-on tool, allows you to add images that are free to create photo slideshows using Google Drive folders, and batch format images and text. You can add Pear Deck in your Google Slides account to make it easier for creation of presentations.

Pear Deck for Google Slides lets you integrate audio in your slideshows. This extension requires access to your microphone. After installation it will prompt you to grant Pear Deck the ability to access your mic. After you’ve activated the app to create, upload, and listen to the audio recorded. After that you can upload the audio to others who are watching or students. It’s a breeze to create an interactive presentation in the classroom using Pear Deck.

Teachers can regulate student activities

JoinPD login

Teachers can utilize JoinPD to monitor the actions for their children. They can restrict the ability of a student to modify an answer or restrict access to the site completely. They also have the ability to monitor every activity within the classroom, and monitor how each student moving forward. It’s simple to set up an account through JoinPD and users are able to sign in with an account from Google, Microsoft, or PearDeck account.

For a start teachers can register an account free of charge with JoinPD by giving the Google or Microsoft email address. Teachers can then download an extension for their browser to monitor the activities of their students. Through this extension teachers can load presentations and then send access codes to the participants. Teachers can also assign particular sessions to their participants. Through this program teachers can keep track of the progress of their pupils and make sure that they are getting the information they require.

joinpd.cpm is also a plugin that work with Google Slides and PowerPoint online presentations. These add-ons allow teachers to grant their students access and manage the actions they take within the presentations. This security feature also allows teachers to keep track of their students’ progress as well as restrict student comments. You are also able to access and log out of JoinPD to monitor the activity of students and control the time of classes. joinpd.cpm is available for free to teach purposes, but teachers are advised that they need to log in to manage what their pupils are doing.

Teachers who have premium access can also grant teachers access to the private Teacher Dashboard. This way, they can know who has replied to the question. If they’re able to manage this feature, they will see the responses of each student and give feedback to each of the students. The premium access feature requires that teachers go down the slide in order to access their Navigation Bar. Select More Actions in order to display an additional menu of actions. Then, click to turn off or on the student-paced or close the session.

Teachers can post student responses in a non-public way

One of the advantages to the joining JoinPD can be that it permits teachers to keep track of student progress and performance in real-time. Students can log in to a course by logging in with the login details. Students are not able to edit their answers or modify them, but teachers can track the performance and progress of every student in a completely anonymous manner. This allows teachers to assess student performance and alter their instruction according to the results. The dashboard for teachers allows them to monitor the progress of students anytime.

There are a variety of ways to make use of JoinPD. Teachers can post a presentation to one website, and offer login information for students and they can then access the course material. Other teachers can track students’ progress in a non-disclosure manner using the teacher’s login info. Each student will need an email address and password that is valid is mandatory. An email address and password that are valid gives students access to the website. When they sign in, they’ll be able to view the contents of the course and track their progression.

To make it anonymous to share responses teachers can make use of to use the Pear Deck application. It functions similar as an interactive whiteboard which allows teachers to write questions and answers from students. After the students have completed their responses they can see their answers on their devices or projector screen in a private manner. After that, the question will be closed. If students do not participate in the current question, they will still be watched.


Teachers can also utilize Google Slides to collect feedback. Slides can be embedded with the audio or video file. Students are able to edit slides with the text boxes as well as other tools. Students can also paste images, insert text, alter game pieces, or add images from third-party applications. Teachers can also modify students’ responses in real-time with this Google Slides platform. This is the simplest method to ensure that student engagement is the top importance for the students you teach.

Although the joinpd.cpm system was specifically developed for schools, anyone are able to use it by signing up through the website. After you’ve set up an account and have it set up, you’ll be in a position to communicate with students anonymously. All you have to do is input in the number into the account of your Pier Deck account. After entering the code and you’ll have the ability to gain access to the video.

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