Who is Rosa Saavedra – Biography, Children, Husband And Facts

Rosa Saavedra

Rosa Saavedra has a great deal of fame in the acting world. She is a popular actress who has appeared in many films. Rosa Saavedra is known more for her tragic stories and family crises than her acting. According to sources, she shocked everyone when she revealed in September 2013 that she was afraid of cancer after her biopsy.

In a 2013 interview with a Mexican publication, the actor revealed that “A month ago she began to feel her throat extremely dry and painful.” She discovered that a growth had developed in her vocal chords. Her family and she kept quiet about this. According to reports, she has been cured and keeps a low-profile due to her illness.

Rosa Saavedra‘s ex-husband

Rosa’s former husband Pedro Rivera, is a Mexican artist. According to sources, he is well-loved by Latinos and has toured the world. Pedro is a music producer and composer, and also an actor. Pedro Rivera Cervantes is a Mexican actor and composer born in La Braca on the 23 rd of February 1947.

Rosa Saavedra

Reports and sources claim that he had a tough childhood, full of tears. He worked odd jobs before landing in the music business. He was a farmer and a photographer.

Her relationship with Pedro Rivera

Rosa Amelia Saavedra & Pedro Rivera’s first meeting is not well known. According to reports and sources, the couple married in 1963. They have six children altogether. Their children’s names are Pete Rivera (born in 1982), Gustavo Rivera (born in 1986), Jenni Rivera (born 1989), Lupillo Rivera (1988), Juan Rivera (1989) and Rosie Rivera Flores (born 1993). Rosa Amelia Saavedra divorcée in 2003. Their marriage, however, lasted just a few short years from 1963 until 2003.

Pedro Rivera Net Worth

Sources estimate that Rosa Saavedra’s ex-husband has a net worth of $4 million. His net worth is largely derived from his work in the music industry, where he is both a composer and an actor. Rosa’s net worth is not known.

Her Ex-Husband’s Career

Pedro moved to America in 1966. After a few working years in the US, he took on a new name: ‘El Patriarca Del Corrido.’ According to reports, Pedro Rivera transformed the US music scene and became a legendary overnight. He became a renowned composer, actor and producer after his perseverance paid off. In 1988 he founded his own company, “Cintas Acuarios”. The company grew to be one of the biggest Latin record labels in the world. Rosa Saavedra’s ex-husband launched a number of aspiring artists on his label, including El Chapo de Sinaloa and Los Razos.

Pedro Rivera Stats

Date of birth – February 23, 1977

Height – 6ft. 1inch

Weight – 55kg

Zodiac – Pisces

Her Children

The Rivera Family is very popular. Family members are often in the spotlight for their actions. Rosa Saavedra, Pedro, and their six children are named Pete Rivera (also known as Gustavo Rivera), Jenni Rivera (also known as Jenni Rivera), Lupillo Rivera (also known by Lupillo Rivera), Juan Rivera and Rosie Rivera Flores. Rosa’s children all have a unique story and history. All of them are involved in various careers and do well in each one. According to reports, Rosa’s children boosted her spirits when she was diagnosed with cancer but chose not to speak out.

What about the Rosa Saavedra crisis?

Rosa’s biggest crisis was the death her daughter, Jenni. She was described as hardworking and outspoken, which made her one of Mexico’s most successful musical exports. Jenni was 43 when the incident occurred and the only woman to be successful on the Latin Billboard charts. In Mexico, she died in a plane accident on 9 thDecember 2012. Rosa Amelia Saavedra, her mother, was in shock at the news of Jenni’s death. According to sources, Rosa had a hard time coping with Jenni’s sudden death and would fight with her family.

Rosa Saavedra also had to deal with a difficult and shocking battle against cancer. According to reports, Rosa Saavedra was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, a year after her daughter died. Her family and she decided to never talk about the illness in public. She is now recovering and prefers to lead a simple, uncomplicated life.

Her daughter – Rosie Rivera

Rosie Rivera is the most famous of Rosa’s children. She is a TV personality, entrepreneur, and transformational speaker from the United States. Rosie Flores is married to Abel Flores. She has two daughters, Kassandra and Samantha Chay Flores. Rosie Rivera is the CEO, according to sources. She is also known for her roles in Rica, Latina and Famosa. In 2016, she published her first book titled’my broken pieces ‘. The book covers her personal tragedies, including sexual abuse, as well as other topics.

Rosie Rivera

Rosie’s stats

Date of Birth – 3 the third July 1980

Age – 40 Years

Weight – 60 kg

Height – 5′ 4″

Hair color – blonde

Eye color – brown

The Net Worth of Rosa Saavedra and her Children

Rosa Saavedra’s children are doing well and have a good net worth. Pete Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Rosie Rivera, Juan Rivera, and Rosie’s Net Worth are all in the millions.

Rosa’s net worth

According to the reports, Rosa’s networth is not confirmed. Rosa’s ex-husband and she do not have any assets together.

Her lavish lifestyle

Rosie Rivera

Rosa Amelia Saavedra, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, prefers to lead a quiet life. It is not known what she owns or how lavish her lifestyle is. Rosa is more interested in her children and grandchildren.

Rosa Saavedra Love affairs

Rosa Saavedra, according to sources, has no love affairs at the moment. Rosa Saavedra has never been in a relationship since her divorce with Pedro Rivera.

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