Who is Teresa Fidalgo and what is the truth about her ghost story?

teresa fidalgo

If you are a regular user of social media, you must have come across viral hoaxes, conspiracy theories, photoshops or similar stories often, right? Well people are sharing these stories too widely so more or less we can all see the viral hoax. However, if this is scary news, then you will indeed feel panicked, right? So that’s what happened in the case of Teresa Fidalgo.

You must have heard his name in some viral articles before, right? This message is indeed concerning because it says that people should share or face the consequences. So, would you like to know the reality behind this post? Is this just a hoax, or is there some truth behind it?

Today we’re going to explore that story in more detail, right here. So if you want to get to the bottom of it, you have to stick with us until the end. Let’s dig!

Who is Teresa Fidalgo?

We’re always afraid of the unknown, aren’t we? That’s what makes people bow to unfounded threats, isn’t it? This is where Teresa Fidalgo’s story focuses. If you search for it online, you will find several search results on this story. Let’s explore some of the important details in Teresa’s life before we judge the truth behind the story.

According to reports, Teresa Fidalgo is the ghost of the girl who died in Sentra, Portugal, in 1983. Yes, the girl had passed away a long time ago. In fact, she had died in an accident; however, 20 years after his death in 2003, his images went online and went viral.

Why is the dead girl going viral on the internet?

If you belong to this generation, you must have already met many similar stories like Teresa Fidalgo. In fact, she isn’t the first white female myth that has made people anxious. However, this time the situation is a little different. People claim this to be true, and it has also caught the attention of many people over the years.

In fact, it has become somewhat of an old tale on the online platform. In other words, it’s like a “mail chain” that threatens Teresa’s “ghost” to haunt the recipient of the message if that person doesn’t repost.

To quote the post, it says, “I’m Teresa Fidalgo, and if you don’t post this on 20 photos, I’ll sleep with you forever.” She also goes on to say, “A girl ignored and her mother passed away 29 days later. You can even search for me on Google. Although it first appeared in the early 2010s, this “threat” has resurfaced for over a decade now.

What is the story of Teresa Fidalgo?

Since this story started circulating the internet a long time ago, you must have seen the viral videos by now. So now you are probably wondering if there is some truth behind the footage or if this is a hoax. Now let’s see the reality.

Well if you see the video you will notice that it is a short video where a group of three friends drive at night in a deserted place while chatting about ghost stories. Suddenly, they see a woman dressed in white walking across the road, and they offer to take her. The lady was indeed quite attractive; however, she was reserved and did not speak much.

So when they asked her where she was heading, she pointed ahead. Suddenly she points to a place and says that is where she had an accident and died. Later, when the camera flashes in his face, he can be seen covered in blood. That’s when the car crashed.

If you search online, you will find that two passengers and a woman died in this accident, according to this story. In fact, one passenger survived named David. However, he couldn’t remember any events from that time. So if you watch this video you will also be confused as to whether the footage is real or if it is just a video created for entertainment purposes. So if you are wondering where this video came from, you can read the next section of the blog.

Where does Teresa Fidalgo’s story come from? Is it true?

Many of our readers who have recently received such a threatening message are probably anxious to know the answer to this question. We will therefore share with you all the details that we could gather regarding this news. It would probably reduce your anxiety to some extent.

According to The Independent, a Portuguese producer, David Rebordao, had created it for his video “A Curva”. In fact, Teresa Fidalgo’s story has been reworked from this viral video. If you look at the footage, you’ll notice that a group of friends pick up a hitchhiker, Teresa Fidalgo. These boys then point to a place where this girl is probably “dead” and shortly after the car crashes.

So if you search the internet for search results, you will find that Teresa Fidalgo’s story is very important. Indeed, many people believe that the ghost story is linked to an actual incident similar to that of the Portuguese road.

It’s creepy, isn’t it? Well, don’t be too scared, as several major newspapers have debunked this scary story. In fact, they also claimed it was a fake. However, the viral video has had over 17 million views, so you can well understand that it has spread around the world.

What should you do if you receive this message?

Well, a lot of us must have gotten that scary video message before, right? However, there is nothing to fear about it. As stated above, this is just a video that the Portuguese producer created for entertainment purposes. So if one of your friends sends you this video, what should you do?

Nowadays, when science has made such impossible inventions, it is hard to believe in such childish paranormal activities. The story is completely unfounded and made up. In fact, the director of the short was amazed at the success of this video. So you can safely ignore this message and delete it from your phone.

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