Wpit18 Login And Registration Process 2022


Wpit18.com allows users to register online for roster fights in Philippines. This event sees the best roosters fighting each other, and the winner’s owner receives rewards. Let’s find out how the wpit18 tournament works.

What is WPC? How does it work?

WPC is the term. The WPC full version of the World Pitmasters Cup is available online in the Philippines. This tournament is open to all users. However, before you can participate in the WPC tournament online, it’s important to know the following facts:


  • These rules and regulations apply to the World Pitmasters Cup
  • These rules must be followed before wpit18.com registration.
  • The event is broadcast live on Wpit18 medium when it starts
  • All necessary steps have been taken to air the event.
  • This roster fight is very popular in the Philippines, so it gains more attention on the internet that day
  • Players can bring their cocks along to the event and fight in the Ring
  • Referees give specific times to ensure better results

Register Online at Wpit18.com

  • To participate in the wpit18 live event you must open login page. You will then be redirected wpit18 dashboard.
  • Enter your username, password, or click on Forgot your Password if you forget your password.
  • For a new user, click on CONTACT US option
  • Online submission is not possible. The Viber, WhatsApp and other contact numbers are listed.
  • Contact the officials and they will direct you to further steps
  • You can then login to wpit18 dashboard login after entering your username and password.


This event is open to both men and women. Foreigners can also join World Pitmasters Cup to try their luck.

Is wpit18.com legal and safe?

It is against nature to harm any animal or bird, and is prohibited in most countries. However, WPC events are banned in most countries. But roster fighters find a way. This isn’t just about cockfighting. Roster owners and other spectators can also bet on their favorite chickens live. It is still a form gambling, but not as much as playing roulette or slots in online casinos. Many unpleasant events, such as bleeding, can happen when rosters are fighting each other. Sometimes, the roster may die during fighting. You will be redirected back to the WPC2029 website after you have put wpit18 com.

Last words

My personal opinion is that we need to take care of animals and birds, and not allow them to fight each other. These birds are entitled to fly and live in freedom. These aspects of gambling should not be allowed. Gamblers should be responsible with their money.



What is WPC in its full form?

The WPC is the full form of World Pitmasters Cup in cockfighting. This event is attended by thousands in the Philippines for roosters fighting.

Is wpit18.com legal and safe?

Roster lovers from all over the globe participate in this tournament to cockfight. However, in many countries, it is illegal.

What is cockfighting?

Cockfighting refers to the sport of teams fighting each other in the ring. The match is initiated by the referee and each roster fights until a specified time. After the match, the winner’s owner receives the reward.

Is it against the law to own fighting roosters

It is illegal in many countries to have fighting roosters. Cockfighting is prohibited by law.

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