Xbox Series X restock update Track on Twitter, Walmart, Best Buy

Xbox Series X restock

We’re monitoring Xbox Series X restocks at all the major retailers

Xbox Series X restock made an appearance for a short time on Thursday. Each Target as well as Antonline had a limited number of consoles to purchase. If you didn’t get one, Walmart has consoles available through All-Access. It requires you to create a new line of credit and then pay it in monthly installments. (Read our article for more information on Xbox All Access to learn more about how it operates).

Xbox Series X restock

In addition, Microsoft is sending out further Xbox Series X restock invitations however, there’s no option to register your interest It appears to be an accidental draw.

As we look for additional Xbox Series X restock online We suggest that you look through the stores listed below. Bookmark and frequently refresh this page to place you in a great position to get fresh Xbox Series X stock when it comes in. Make sure you read the Xbox Series X restock guidelines guide as well as our choice of the top Xbox Series X alternative currently available.

  • Find the entire Xbox Series X and Series S stock on Amazon today

Where to purchase Xbox Series X: Restock links and updates

At 8:07 a.m. ET the 11th of February there’s no stand-alone Xbox Series X restock available. Walmart sells consoles through Xbox All Access. Additionally, we’re getting a handful of Xbox Series S deals and bundles from Amazon and Anton line.

Xbox Series X restock

Xbox Series X restock tracker -Where to look

  • Best Buy Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last stock replenished on January 11)
  • Walmart: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock January 13)
  • Amazon: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock December 16)
  • Dell Xbox Series X (last stock replenished 20 January)
  • The target: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last stock restock on 10 February)
  • Microsoft Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last update on October 28)
  • GameStop: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (restock January 26)
  • Newegg: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last restock May 2)
  • Adorama: Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S bundles (last restock December 22)
  • Lenovo: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last replenishment on 12 January)
  • Costco: Xbox Series X (last stock restocked 19 January)
  • BJ’s Xbox Series X (last stock replenished on July 8)
  • Kohl’s: Xbox Series X (last restock April 21)
  • Antonline Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last replenishment February 10)
  • Sam’s Club: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (last stock replenished on 17 November)

Xbox Series X — the latest information and speculation

The Xbox Series X is not currently available for purchase on its own. We have seen some restocks from large retailers last week thanks to from Target as well as Anton line after a few weeks of not seeing any, however, both retailers have sold without the Xbox again.

Xbox Series X restock

But, are still opportunities to avail of the next-gen Xbox at the moment. You can still get the Xbox Series X courtesy of Walmart and Xbox All Access. You’ll have to open a new line of credit in order to purchase your console. You’ll make monthly payments of $35 over the course of two years.

As of now, Microsoft is once again sending out Xbox Series X restock invitations however there’s no any way to sign up your interest. It appears that the invitations are being sent out randomly however, make sure you ensure you check your inbox for invitations to make sure you’re not missing anything.

As we wait for new replenishment, be sure to go through our current Xbox Series X restock guidelines. This guide will walk you through the steps of purchasing a console from all major retailers, including those who have premium memberships which give you early access to. This article will help you prepare for the coming Xbox Series X stock drop.

In related news, market for Xbox Series X is sure to grow further thanks to the announcement that Microsoft plans to purchase Activision Blizzard in a $68.7 billion deal. It is the largest deal in gaming history and the implications for gamers and the gaming industry will be significant..

Xbox Series X restocks: Follow the news on Twitter

If you’re looking to get an advantage on Xbox Series X restocks, look up the following Twitter profiles to get the most up-to-date information. We highly recommend following Xbox Series X|S Stock Alerts and Wario64. The account that tracks the latter accounts both Xbox Restocks as well as overall gaming revenue.

Xbox Series X restock

Although they may not always inform you of upcoming events but it’s an excellent practice to follow the retailers on Twitter, like The Best Buy or GameStop. Any advantage you can gain is essential when you try to secure an Xbox Series X restock.

There’s a valid reason why Microsoft’s latest consoles are soaring off the shelves. When we wrote the course of our Xbox Series X review we gave the brand new console top marks for its lightning-fast performance, lightning-fast loading times, and extensive backwards-compatibility with every generation of Xbox. As we pointed out within our Xbox Series S review the less expensive next-generation Xbox offers some of the same excellent features available to those who own 1080p TVs.

With this in mind, take a look at the latest Xbox Series X stock updates and some tips for acquiring your brand new Microsoft console here.

Xbox Series X restock

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Where can I buy Xbox Series X: check for inventory

We’ve added useful links to each notable store’s page below. In some cases it is possible to join our mailing list to be notified of the most recent Xbox Series X restock. However, they’re currently out of stocks.

Where to purchase Xbox Series X buying tips and tools

In addition to refreshing the websites of retailers Other tips that you can employ to boost your chances of getting the Xbox Series X. One tip that is a secret Amazon technique that we tested enabled us to place the Xbox Series X in our shopping cart four times in a row without failure. There are other sites which you can visit to find out when an Xbox will become available.

Xbox Series X restock


If you are on Twitter we recommend following the handle @Wario64. This handle is famous for bringing users up-to-date on the latest deals and replenishing faster than other handles on Twitter.

Forums for shopping

Slick deals which is an online deal store is home to an online discussion thread that is dedicated to placing an order for the Xbox Series X through Microsoft. The thread is continuously updated, so make sure to go to the final page and then refresh to see the most recent information about when the units will be available.


PopFindr can be described as an online site that monitors local inventory of retail stores based on the zip code you’re in. For instance, you can look up the local Target stores near you to determine if Xbox Series X’s will be on sale. Note that, regardless of whether it’s listed that it is in stock, it could have been out of inventory when you get to the retailer.

Xbox Series X restock

It’s also a good option to sign up on Slick deals and create a sale alert on “Xbox Series X.” You’ll receive an email notification when a new thread has been created regarding replenished stocks. We’ve discovered that at times Slick deals does not send users emails fast enough. Therefore, it’s better to type “Xbox Series X” in the search bar and then sort by the latest. You should be prepared to log on several times per day.

Cheap Ass Gamer is an ongoing video game deals site that also has an active forum that is dedicated specifically to Xbox Series X. At the time of writing, the thread is 63 pages , and the users are discussing where they can find units.

Facebook and Reddit

Facebook is also an excellent sources of info. There are numerous Xbox Series X fan groups that keep their members informed of where the latest restocks take place. You are welcome to join one or two in these fan groups.

Be sure to sign up for the Xbox Series X subreddit. It’s true that the majority of the site is devoted to memes and discussions however, if someone notices that there is a sale, they’ll let the community be aware. For instance, one user discovered Xbox Series X units available at the local Walmart while others also discussing similar findings. It appears that certain Walmart stores may have units for sale on Cyber Monday.

Xbox Series X restock


Another group of stores to be on the lookout for are wholesalers that have a subscription model, such as Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club. Since you need a paid account to access these wholesalers, there’s usually less people rushing over one another to locate an item. If you do not have a subscription with one of these companies you can ask your acquaintances and family members.

Unfortunately, wholesalers usually bundle new consoles with additional games or other accessories. Therefore, you’ll likely to spend more than $500.

Check out specific times

Typically, retailers prefer to offer stock at specific dates. The time that the brand new Xbox Series X stock is most likely to be available is midnight ET on certain days. Be sure to check all retailers, and you might be lucky.

Other retailers prefer time slots such as 7 a.m. ET, to allow customers to awake, while other retailers are targeting midday to ensure everyone has the most chance of finding the latest Xbox Series X console.

  • Costco: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (in and out of stocks)
  • Sam’s Club: Xbox Series X Xbox Series X (out out of stock)
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S (in and out of stock)

If the items aren’t available online, it may be worthwhile to visit the physical store. Bring your membership card or join a group with someone with a membership. Make sure you wear a mask (over the nose) or the associates at the counter will request you to go. If there are no options in the retail, then you’ll be able to leave with the $5 chicken rotisserie.

Xbox Series X restock

Xbox Series X deals

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Xbox Series X deals to discuss at present. The demand for the Xbox console from Microsoft is so high and supply so scarce retailers don’t have any incentive to provide Xbox Series X deals. When Xbox Series X deals do appear we’re expecting the deals to be as bundles or freebies instead of discounts of a dollar.

It is possible to get Xbox Series X deals on games and accessories. Amazon often offers Xbox Controllers as well as accessories for sale, and Best Buy usually has multiple games available for sale.

  • shop for all Xbox Series X accessory deals on Amazon
  • shop for all Xbox Series X video game deals on Amazon

Xbox Series X restock -Avoid scalpers

One of the main reasons of Xbox Series X and Series S shortages of stock is that scalpers pick up huge amounts of new generation consoles in one massive sweep , and then selling them at astronomical price. We’re getting many thousands for $49 games console.

VGC said that a notorious PlayStation 5 scalper group referred to under as CrepChiefNotify has managed to acquire 1000 Xbox Series X consoles as when they were released from U.K. retailer Very. However, in a twist of fortune, Very cancelled 1,000 Xbox Series X pre-orders which in turn slowed the progress of scalpers.

Xbox Series X restock

Although it’s frustrating as it may be to locate the Xbox Series X or Series S We suggest that you stay clear of purchasing an Xbox from scalpers. Spending a huge sum for an Xbox that isn’t equipped with the widest selection of Xbox Series X games isn’t a smart choice in our view. If you’re able to hold off, Microsoft should have more Xbox Series X units to be shipped, and the promise of exclusive games available for the console.

An update regarding Xbox Series X restocks

Xbox Series X restock is very difficult to pinpoint. Despite our best efforts to provide the latest information Tom’s Guide cannot assure you that you will be able to buy an Xbox. However, we’re determined to provide you with the most current information about any restocks when they occur.

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