7 Questions Answered About Zonnie Pullins and ex-partner

Zonnie Pullins

Music industry can be an unpredictable environment; you could end up at the center of attention for something as mundane or irrelevant as losing an argument with another artist. There are however people who have learned how to navigate these platforms effectively, like Zonnie Pullins from Tameka Cottles’ former partner Zonnie Pullins has proven himself adept at doing just that – this begs the question who or what exactly Zonnie is. Read this article, and by the end you will have an accurate picture.

Who Is Zonnie Pullin (Zebo)?

Zonnie Pullin is an American national with African American roots who was born May 16th 1968 and hails from Missouri. Standing 5ft 6inches and weighing around 57 kilograms respectively, he possesses dark brown eyes and brown hair as well. At 50 years old – his zodiac sign being Virgo.

Why is Zonnie Pullin So Popular?

Zonnie Pullins

Zonnie Pullins, also known as Zebo, is best known as the biological father of Zonnique Pullins (born March 20, 1996 in Atlanta Georgia). Zonnique is her daughter by American singer-songwriter Tameka Cottle aka Tiny; however her fame can also be attributed to being stepdaughter of legendary rapper Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. commonly known as T.I. Her talent stands out amongst such an esteemed family as OMG Girlz; upon its disbandment in 2015 she began solo carrier released singles such as Can’t Trust Em, Winner Friday among others (including some original songs produced with her mother). Zonnique holds an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Are Zonnie and Tiny Married?

Though not widely known, Zonnie was once an accomplished singer. Through this profession he likely met Tiny who also performed in the entertainment industry; they met when she performed with her group Xscape singing shows where Tiny fell for his charisma and fell in love. Although they dated long term but never tied the knot.

After they gave birth, everything appeared fine between them initially, but after some years they eventually parted ways and went separate ways. Tiny is believed to have moved in with T.I while Zonnie was imprisoned.

Zonnie Pullins

Who Is Zonnie Married To?

After his separation from Tameka, Zonnie Pullins began dating Cheryl Redmond who would later become his wife. Together they have two children – Zonnie Jr. and Zoey Pullins. Cheryl holds a Bachelor Degree in computer science from Georgia Southern University; after she graduated she worked as a Software Engineer II making bill presentations until 2004 before spending 12 years working at Cox Communications as Software Engineer, Analyst, Technical Project Manager, Release Manager as well as InterContinental Hotels Group senior manager roles.

Cheryl holds both Project Management Professional and Senior Project Manager licenses, making her an indispensable member of Daugherty Business Solution’s project team.

Did Zonnie Disown His Daughter?

Zonnie Pullins cut his daughter off completely through a phone call in 2016, following an online feud between his wife Cheryl and Tameka Harris, when conflict ensued between their former partners Tameka Harris and Zonnie. Specifically he told his daughter to delete his number without further attempts at communication between themselves.

What Caused the Family Internet Battle?

Cheryl initiated the dispute when T.I. posted a vacation photo with Zonnique and claimed full custody as Zonnie’s daughter, upsetting Cheryl because T.I. took full credit for raising Zonnique without actually providing care or responsibility. Tiny immediately responded by reminding Cheryl that T.I had taken care of Zonnique since she was 5 years old, providing everything that she needed – an assertion which led Cheryl to make comments on Tiny’s looks and figure following plastic surgery, saying Tiny looked fake due to this act. Tiny then responded by reminding Cheryl of T.I’s responsibility as Zonnie’s son

Zonnique decided to stand up for her mother after this whole affair escalated, issuing a message for Zonnie and his wife stating they hadn’t done half as much work than her mother and stepfather had.

Zonnie Pullins

What Is Zonnie Pullin’s Net Worth?

His net worth is estimated to be just over $1 Million and his main source of income is his business carrier.


However, Zonnie and Zonnique made it through their difficult times together and ended up on good terms. They continue their communication by visits, internet use and phone calls.

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