25 of the top Joe Rogan podcasts you can listen to now

Joe Rogan podcasts

Joe Rogan is a name that everyone knows at this point. He’s a stand-up comedian a MMA commentator as well as a prominent podcast host. His podcast is called The Joe Rogan Experience and in each episode, he typically has a guest who is well-known.

His guests vary greatly and make the podcast delight to listen to each time. The show has featured politicians, colleagues, comedians, musicians and actors, as well as athletics, business moguls, scientists journalists and authors and video game creators and many more fascinating people with fascinating stories to share.

In the past 10 years Rogan has published more than 1,500 podcast episodes and video clips streaming on YouTube as well as Spotify with more than 95 million views all. It’s difficult to decide because of the sheer number of episodes available We’ve put together the top Joe Rogan podcasts you can enjoy right now.

The top Joe Rogan podcasts

Joe Rogan signed a deal with Spotify to publish his podcast exclusively on Spotify in December 2020. The entire series up to #1567 are accessible to listen or watch to YouTube. Episodes from #1568 and up are available only through Spotify. Whatever way you decide to listen to them, these are among the most popular podcasts Joe Rogan has released to the present.

  1. Elon Musk – #1169
  2. Bernie Sanders – #1330
  3. Edward Snowden – #1368
  4. Lance Armstrong – #737
  5. Neil deGrasse Tyson – #919
  6. Dr. Rhonda Patrick – #1054
  7. Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell #1315
  8. Alex Jones – #1255
  9. Ben Shapiro – #993
  10. Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein – #1006
  11. Anthony Bourdain – #138
  12. Russell Brand – #1283
  13. Randall Carlson – #606
  14. Graham Hancock – #1284
  15. Matthew Walker – #1109
  16. Jocko Willink – #962
  17. Bill Burr – #967
  18. Andrew Yang – #1245
  19. Michael Osterholm – #1439
  20. Kevin Hart – #1278
  21. Dan Bilzerian – #857
  22. Mike Tyson – #1227
  23. Paul Stamets #1043
  24. Sam Harris – #543
  25. Meghan Phelps-Roper #974

1. Elon Musk – #1169

The episode from the Joe Rogan Experience with Elon Musk is Rogan’s top podcast on YouTube. The episode aired in September 2018 and has since racked up more than 39 million hits. Musk is best known as the chief executive officer for Tesla SpaceX; his innovations have made him a major global celebrity.

On this 2.5 hour show, Rogan and Musk discuss his latest business ventures as well as the is in the future for his business and himself. Musk also talks about AI technologies and the ways he helps to turn his numerous ideas to be successful. On this show, Musk is also seen taking Rogan to his invitation of smoking weed (which resulted in Tesla stock plummet substantially).

There’s a good reason for this to be among the top watched JRE episodes, and we’re confident that it’s not because Elon Musk has a habit of smoking weed in the episode. If you’re a huge fan of Elon Musk, you should take a look at episode #1470 that aired in the year 2020. Then, episode 1609 in 2021.

2. Bernie Sanders – #1330

Bernie Sanders has only been present on only one JRE podcast episode so far However, this episode is definitely one of the top overall. The episode was broadcast in 2019 during the time that Sanders was running for the Democratic nomination for president. Although he lost the election against Joe Biden, this episode is still worth a watch or listening.

Sanders does not flit between the topics on this show and Rogan does a great job interviewing his interviewee. As we tend to hear politicians talk about their perspectives on issues in small pieces It was refreshing to listen to a lengthy and drawn-out discussion among Sanders and Rogan on these issues. Additionally, it was Sanders appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience that prompted the next guest on this list to join the show.

3. Edward Snowden – #1368

After watching Bernie Sanders come on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Edward Snowden felt comfortable being on the show as well. He first appeared on the episode #1368, which was broadcast in the year 2019. Edward Snowden is most famous for leaks of classified information to the NSA and NSA, which he discusses in depth on this podcast.

In the show, Snowden also promotes his book “Permanent Record” which discusses the massive surveillance by the US government and the reason Snowden was compelled to disclose secret NSA documents. Of course, he also talks about this topic with Rogan on the show and educates listeners to what percentage of your life are being monitored by the government. To hear more of the conversation among Rogan and Snowden take a look at episode #1536 which aired in the year 2020.

4. Lance Armstrong – #737

While this podcast episode is five years in the making, it’s one of the most memorable Joe Rogan Experience episode to up to. If you don’t know who Lance Armstrong is, he’s famous for winning the Tour de France 7 times and afterwards revealing that he took performance-enhancing drugs.

In episode #737, Rogan talks with Lance Armstrong about his cycling accomplishments and about his scandal with performance-enhancing drugs. Rogan does a great job interviewing Armstrong and then allowing for the conversation instead of pointing to account for his errors. Armstrong’s story is certainly an historical one, and it was fascinating listening to them discuss the controversy concerning Armstrong.

5. Neil deGrasse Tyson – #919

Neil deGrasse Tyson has so many titles that can be attached on his title. He is an astrophysicist, an author, as well as an avid science lover and well-known figure in the world. He’s an absolute pleasure to listen to and covers a variety of major issues that many of us think are too complex to understand. He is able to explain things in terms that are simple to comprehend and Rogan always asks precisely the appropriate questions that will help the discussion.

JRE episode 919 aired in 2017. Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson discuss a range of subjects, one of one of the most famous is the idea of infinity. Both of Rogan’s and deGrasse’s love of science shines through in this interview , making this an enjoyable podcast to watch.

degrease Tyson appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience two more times following his first episode. He is featured on episode #1159 as well as episode #1347; both of which are interesting episodes to watch If you’re interested in science.

6. Dr. Rhonda Patrick – #1054

The Dr. Rhonda Patrick has her Ph.D in biomedical science , and she is a well-known expert in nutrition and health. She’s definitely an experienced expert, and quickly became a frequent guest on Rogan’s show to be on his podcast. She’s appeared on nine JRE episodes.

The episode in question, #1054 which aired in 2017. In this episode Dr. Patrick demonstrates her knowledge of exercise and diet, and how they impact your overall health. She makes everything clear and also demonstrates the various parts of our health that we should always be focused on and keeping track of. In addition, Rogan does a great job of asking the appropriate questions and getting the most valuable details from the interview.

If you’re a big fan of Dr. Rhonda Patrick, here are some more episodes you can catch her on the following: #459 #502 and #568 and #672. #773. #901 and the most recent, #1474.

7. Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell #1315

Do you have a desire learn more concerning Area 51 and aliens? Watch episode 1315 featuring Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell. The episode airs in 2019 and contains more than 2 hours of discussion about everything bizarre that has happened in Area 51. Bob Lazar has shared quite some details regarding Area 51 in the past and then he delved into the details together with Joe Rogan.

Even in the event that you do not buy in everything said during this program, you’ll find it interesting to take in and think about the possibilities.

8. Alex Jones – #1255

Oh, my God — this show is a blast. Alex Jones is a far-right radio host, and is probably the most well-known of conspiracy theories in America currently. Jones initially appeared on episode #911 alongside Eddie Bravo in 2017 and the episode quickly deteriorated. Two years after, Alex Jones came back for episode #1255. Rogan offered the issue of an apology by Jones concerning his remarks regarding Sandy Hook on episode #911.

This is among the most long podcasts Rogan has ever recorded, running nearly five hours. While you might need to listen to parts but this is an episode that is worth your time. It’s remarkable to note that Rogan invited Jones to the show in the first place, not to mention another time and a fourth on episode #555. People pretty much either love or hate Alex Jones, and Rogan does a good job trying to steer the conversation in a more positive, conversation-provoking direction rather than falling too far down the conspiracy theory rabbit-hole.

9. Ben Shapiro – #993

Ben Shapiro is one of the most well-known conservatives of the right in the moment due to his humorous, well-spoken manner of speaking. Shapiro has also earned some resentment from leftists due to his controversial views. Even even if Joe Rogan doesn’t agree with Shapiro’s views the podcast is among the most open podcasts to have discussion and Shapiro gets ample space to speak about his views and defend them.

Rogan along with Shapiro discuss a range of topics which include Donald Trump and gender pronouns. If you don’t share Shapiro’s views, it’s an interesting episode worth listening to. Episode #993 was broadcast at the end of 2017 and Shapiro was featured on the episode #1276 of the year 2019 and episode #1512 in 2020.

10. Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein – #1006

Each of Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein were university professors who love to explore controversial topics. Peterson has appeared on numerous JRE episodes on his own (#877 #958, #1070 1,139, and #1208) however, his best performance is in this episode from 2017 alongside Bret Weinstein. They discuss all sorts of topics in one episode, such as Hitler human nature, racism and much more and have Rogan as the host.

Peterson as well as Weinstein are both extremely intelligent and incredibly smart, making this one of the top Joe Rogan podcasts. Everything that they say out of their mouths extremely fascinating and enjoyable for you to hear. At the end of the episode you’ll be more informed and informed.

11. Anthony Bourdain – #138

Episode #138 featuring Anthony Bourdain is one of Joe Rogan’s early podcasts that has endured the tests of time. It’s a shame that Anthony Bourdain has passed away from us however, we can listen to this podcast in conjunction with the many other accomplishments he has made to commemorate him by.

Bourdain is an American chef and author of several books and appeared on numerous TV shows. He was loved by many, and his tales are relatable and enjoyable listening to. It’s a great journey down memory lane that will revisit both Bourdain as well as the early years of the Rogan’s Podcast.

12. Russell Brand – #1283

Similar to Rogan, Russell Brand is also a comedian. Russell Brand has also appeared in numerous films and television shows. Watching the more than three-hour long exchange between the two comedians was an entertaining pleasure. Although a lot in the discussion being wacky and humorous, Rogan asks a few questions that address more serious questions. It was interesting for me to get Russell Brand’s perspective on issues instead of watching him make jokes.

This particular episode featuring Russell Brand aired in 2019 and he’s also appeared on the podcast of Rogan two times before on Episode #812 from 2016 as well as episode #1021 from 2017. The other episodes are enjoyable and entertaining, episode #1283 is my personal favorite.

13. Randall Carlson – #606

This is a very intelligent podcast episode. In episode 606, Randall Carlson pays a visit to Rogan and talks to Rogan for three hours about a wide range of science-related topics. Carlson has several titles such as geomythologist, teacher as well as geological exploration.

He also appeared in episode #501 alone, as well as on a few episodes that featured others scholars. Episodes include #725 featuring Graham Hancock, #872 with Hancock and Michael Shermer, and #961 featuring Hancock and Michael Shermer.

14. Graham Hancock – #1284

Graham Hancock is a British journalist and writer. He is most popular for his theories regarding ancient mythologies and civilizations as well as changed states in consciousness the changes in the Earth and much more. Episode #1284, which aired in the year 2019. Rogan as well as Hancock discuss some theories of Hancock’s and how they’ve been received by the public.

Hancock has been featured in a couple of segments on the JRE podcast alongside Randall Carlson (listed above) as well as in a variety of episodes on his own. If you’d like to learn more of the things Hancock is saying on the podcast, you can listen to his voice on episodes #142 #551, #417, #630 as well as #1543 (with Brian Muraresku).

15. Matthew Walker – #1109

Have you ever wanted to learn more about sleep? The patterns, the health benefits and what’s not Matthew Walker covers all of this and more in the podcast episode #1109. And do you believe it Matthew Walker actually makes the topic of sleep fascinating.

Walker wrote a book entitled “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the potential of Sleep and Dreams.” If you get an opportunity to go through the book, take the time to read it. If you’re not in the mood to read it, take the time take a moment to check out this podcast. While Walker clearly doesn’t have the time to go in as deep as the book, he does go into more detail on specific topics, such as the reasons we sleep too much and the reason why sleep is crucial.

16. Jocko Willink #962

The very first episode of the podcast that Jocko Willink is featured on episode #962 is a thrilling listen. Willink is retired US Navy SEAL Commando who was a part of the Iraq War who has since been a writer and host of his podcast. While Willink might appear to be straightforward, he offers many excellent advice and helpful details. He discusses the qualities that make an effective leader, the best way to build willpower, and many more.

Willink was such an excellent host that Rogan has brought him come back 3 times in the time since his initial appearance. He can be heard on episodes #729 and #1391 (with Tulsi Gabbard), and #1492. If you’re looking to feel motivated and ready to tackle your world with confidence, then these are excellent episodes to listen to.

17. Bill Burr – #967

Bill Burr, a fellow comedian who has been a regular guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He was featured on the show’s first episodes and has appeared frequently on the show throughout the last 10 years. Below are other episodes that you can watch Burr on: #91, #91 2, #228, #433, #583, #727 and #909, #1219and #1348 #1575, #1491, and #226.

If you listen to the conversation of Burr and Rogan you’ll soon understand the reason. While Bill Burr and Joe Rogan try to address some serious issues on occasion in episode #967, the general podcast is hilarious. Every Joe Rogan podcast episode that Burr is a guest on is incredibly amusing and just the most enjoyable.

18. Andrew Yang – #1245

Andrew Yang is most famous for his presidential run during the last election. In the end, Joe Biden was the Democratic candidate to run for president in 2020’s race However, Yang’s perspective on the issue are distinctive and worth listening to in this episode of the podcast.

Yang’s personality was not always evident during debates. However, during this conversation, Rogan has helped to break the barriers between politicians and the common citizen. They discuss for nearly two hours, and Yang can freely offer his own unique views on the topics.

If you’ve heard Yang talk before, or perhaps thought his opinions on issue were too extreme, you should take a look at this interview He comes across as less intimidating and explains the reasoning of his reasoning. Even if you’re not with his opinions the interview is still a fun interview.

19. Michael Osterholm – #1439

Episode 1439 was recorded in the middle of March of 2020 as the coronavirus began to take over the United States. Michael Osterholm is an American epidemiologist who is the director at the Center for Infectious Disease Research Policy at the University of Minnesota. At the time Covid-19 was just beginning to appear in large numbers across all of the United States, there was an abundance of conflicting information floating across.

Joe Rogan had Osterholm come on the show to in explaining Covid-19 to the public as well as answer some of the most frequently-asked questions regarding the virus. When he appeared on the show, at the time of the episode, Osterholm knew more about the virus than the majority of people in the US and, even today is considered to be an expert in the field and was appointed the president-elect Biden’s Covid-19 advisory Board.

20. Kevin Hart – #1278

2019 episode #1278 featuring the actor and comedian Kevin Hart is a joy to listen to. Kevin Hart is a joyful person, funny and it was really enjoyable to hear Kevin Hart and Rogan talk openly. If you’ve ever wondered if Kevin Hart is as funny as he can be during his stand-up routine, it’s true. There was no script and the show was hilarious.

This show was a fantastic insight into the reasons Kevin Hart chose to pursue the profession he chose and what he thinks about his fame and his success. Even the fact that you’re not a fan of his comedy, this episode provided the depth of the philosophies as well as lessons Hart has taken with him from the beginning. It’s also possible to see Hart in a recent episode in 2020, episode #1480.

21. Dan Bilzerian – #857

Dan Bilzerian has led a very active and exciting life, to be certain. Bilzerian is the child of an ex- Wall Street corporate raider, created with trust funds, and became an elite poker player. After the media discovered that Bilzerian was a player his story, his life was much more vibrant. He founded a business that sold CBD products, Ignite, was a performer, and had an attack of the heart at an early age due to drug consumption, and much more.

Rogan and Bilzerian discuss everything mentioned above, as well as his numerous relationships with women throughout his life. Episode #857 isn’t for those who aren’t averse to it or for the easily offended. However, it’s definitely fascinating to watch

22. Mike Tyson – #1227

Mike Tyson is a heavyweight boxing champion It’s not a surprise that this is among the most watched podcast episodes on the Rogan YouTube channel. The career of Tyson has been quite erratic particularly if you recall that he cut someone’s ears off and had the tigers as pets.

Rogan will be sure to inquire about the many bizarre details about Tyson’s history as well as giving him the opportunity to talk about whatever he’d like in the amount of detail Tyson desires to. Tyson is also able to talk about his experiences dealing with drugs which include acid, marijuana, and mushrooms He also discusses how he’s cultivating the very own strain that he has cultivated from marijuana at his farm. Mike Tyson also appears on an earlier episode of 2020, episode 1532.

23. Paul Stamets #1035

Paul Stamets originally appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast back in 2017 and then returned in 2019 to host episode #1385. Paul Stamets is an American mycologist working with diverse strains of mushrooms. He is a committed advocate for medicinal fungi as well as mycoremediation. This is when technology based on fungi is used to clean up the environment. He also wrote a number of books about the subject of mushrooms.

It’s clear that Rogan was thrilled to include Stamets present on the show and talk about mushrooms, and even DMT. Stamets is an excellent host of describing how multifaceted mushrooms can be and the value they offer for humans as well as the natural environment.

24. Sam Harris – #543

Sam Harris is a neuroscientist who has written several New York Times bestseller books including Letter to a Christian Nation and The Moral Landscape. Sam Harris also has his own show called Making Sense where he discusses the philosophy of atheism, political science and the philosophy of free will and many other subjects.

When Harris appears on the podcast of Rogan that is usually discussed, he covers any of the subjects mentioned above. This particular podcast, Harris discusses mindfulness, the neuroscience field as well as the role religion plays in the modern world and many more. The discussion with Rogan and Harris continues for three hours and dives deep into philosophical topics which make this episode engaging.

If you’d like to hear more from Harris listen to his episodes #192, #410 and #641 (with Dan Harris), #804, #940 (with Dan Harris), #1107 (with Maajid Nawaz), and #1241.

25. Meghan Phelps-Roper, #974.

Not the least, but definitely not the last, but certainly not least episode #974 features Meghan Phelps-Roper. As a child, Phelps-Roper was an active participant in her church, the Westboro Baptist Church, a Hyper-Calvinist Cult and hate organization. Her father, Fred Phelps, was the church’s founder. Since then, she has distanced herself and has spoken out against the vicious hate speech and actions carried out by Westboro Baptist.

This episode is an engaging listen. She reflects on the experiences of living in the area and being a part of protests at church. Then, she considers how she feels looking back on it after she has left. Rogan is a good host and asks the right questions and shows curiosity without pressure to provide answers she don’t feel comfortable asking.

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