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Since before the advent of premium networks, free digital streaming sites have been very popular. Since the dawn of time, they’ve been around. Sports streams make up a large portion of the free streaming sites. 720pStream is a popular streaming service that offers amazing streaming capabilities.


Sports niche – Total Traction Domination

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the sports niche. The sports niche has a huge following around the world and attracts millions of viewers each week, compared to movies or tv shows. Because of its sheer number of viewers, the sports industry is larger than the entertainment industry. The most popular sports in the US are the NFL, MLB, and NBA. However, Football, Motor Racing, and Cricket appeal to the rest. That’s why streaming services like 720pStream dedicate their efforts to providing free streaming platforms for users who wish to view the streams.

Websites like 720pStream are dedicated to offering the best sports streaming service for its users. You will find links to the most exciting sporting events around the world. You can keep up with all the latest sporting events around the globe. Such a user-friendly website is hard to refuse.

What is 720pStream?

720pStream offers users streaming links to sports streaming websites. They provide reliable links that allow viewers to easily access the content. You can use 720pStream to access links that will allow you to get top-quality streams, reliable links, and great sports coverage.

Why stream on 720pStream when you can stream elsewhere?

There are many reasons why streaming on 720pStream is a good idea. But I will focus on a few key points that drew me to streaming on this site.

720pStream Live

There are no subscription fees

720pStream does not require a donation or subscription fee. It is an ad-based site so you don’t need to provide any financial information.

Streaming Quality

As we mentioned, the minimum streaming quality on the website is 720p. It’s very respectable, however. You can also view some streams in HD resolution. You can view all streams at 720p or 1080p depending on your internet connection and device.

Broad content bucket

720pStream is not like niche streaming sites that only offer a specific sport. Instead, you can access all top competitions around the globe. You can find everything from the EPL, La Liga and Serie A Football games to the NBA, MLB, NCAAF, and NCAAM. It was amazing to find a live Bellator stream, something I didn’t expect.

Good design

You can appreciate great design when streaming on free sites. It is hard to believe that developers put so much effort into making the site better. 720pStream has a dark theme and blue accents, which is really cool. Although it does not have an attractive hero section it will keep you hooked by showing you the most recent streams.



Chatbox is an integral part of most streaming platforms. Chatboxes do not always work as we expect. This website has a seamless chat feature that allows you to send images, GIFs, and emojis to your fellow streamers. The chatbox looks great with the website’s overall design.

How do I access 720pStream

There are three ways to access 720pStream. You can access 720pStream by downloading the APK file. The second is to search for the term “720pStream” in your search engine. This will most likely bring up the website’s first page. If you wish to immediately access the streaming platform, you can use this link: 720pStream

Use a VPN before you attempt to access the site in any of these ways. You can find many free VPNs that will protect your data against hackers and malware.


Although the theme of 720pStream looks similar to Worldcup football’s, I prefer 720pStream. This is primarily because this streaming site looks better than Worldcup soccer. This website really comes across as a premium network by using dark colors with a bright accent. There is no annoying popup at the beginning of the hero section.


The header section on 720pStream offers seven options: MLB, NBA and NHL, MMA (NBAF), NCAAF, NCAAM, NHL, NHL, MLB, NHL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MMA, NCAAF and NCAAM. The logo is the only thing that’s visible to the left. Since any stream you wish to view is accessible on the homepage, there’s no sign-in or search bar.



Hero Section

A dark grey background makes the hero section look great. The text is displayed in combination of orange and green colors. A blue background serves as the ‘CTA’ button. Each team has its own logo, which is preceded with the event date. The hero section also features social media icons, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. This allows you to quickly share the website with friends.


The content in the body section of 720pStream is similar to that found in the hero section. You will find a schedule for different sports, such as NHL and NFL or MMA. You’ll find a dedicated TV channel for each sport at the top of each fixture. You can also access the NHL Network immediately by clicking the link in the NHL Schedule.


Unlike Worldcup, 720pStream also has a disclaimer and a footer section. You will find five options: MLB Live, NBA Live NFL Live NHL Live and UFC Live.


Inner Pages

After clicking on a fixture on the homepage, you can access the inner pages of this streaming site. The inner page will contain a large media player that is supported by chatbox. You can find information about the sport under the chatbox and stream player. You will find a disclaimer stating that the videos are not hosted on 720pStream, and therefore they should not be held responsible.



720pStream gives you access to the most widely watched sports competitions in the world. There are five main categories you can choose from: NFL, NHL MLB, NBA, UFC, and UFC. You can also find streaming links to WWE events. You can also find HD games for MLB. These include the World Series and Playoffs. The NFL offers a variety of events, including the Playoffs, Finals, and Bowls. The NBA is similar. You don’t have to pay for sports with 720pStream. You’ll find weekly coverage of everything from WWE to UFC along with PPVs every other month.

Desktop/Mobile experience

It’s easy to find out how to view content on this platform. The homepage has links to different sports. You can click on any sport to find streaming links. Scroll down to check if your favorite team is playing. Click on the watch now button to be taken to the streaming page. Most likely, your first click was a mistake. This would open an advertisement in a new tab. Close that tab and then try again. Make sure your internet connection is stable.

This platform was great for streaming Tyson Fury vs Deontay wilder 2. There were some slight differences due to the huge traffic but the servers were able handle it and the stream never lagted for more than a few seconds. The audio and video output were excellent and it was a joy to watch The Gypsy King win over The Bronze Bomber.

Suggestions for 720pStream


I was very satisfied with my experience at 720pStream. But, I would recommend that developers add banners to the homepage. Although I don’t recommend it, the website looks great and banners will help legitimize it in the eyes the users.


720pStream is one of the most popular, if not the greatest, sports streaming sites. Their website design shows that they care about their viewers. It’s easy to navigate around the website and stream clear. It might be worth a try if you don’t have it already.

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