http_daddy: The Destroyer of All Websites


There’s a new malware strain that targets websites across the web. In contrast to other malware types, http_daddy doesn’t simply damage or disable your site – it eliminates it completely.


Although this kind of malware isn’t common It’s crucial to know the nature of it and ways to guard yourself against it. We’ll go over the definition of http_daddy what it is, how it functions as well as ways to safeguard websites from harmful effects.


http_daddy is a cryptic online character who has been damaging sites for over a month. The first website targeted was Disqus which is a platform for commenting widely used by websites and blogs. The attackers soon began to target other popular websites services, like WordPress as well as GitHub.

So far, http_daddy’s caused millions of dollars of damages to the websites. It is unclear who the perpetrator is not known, however security experts believe they have used an attack tool known as “SQL injection” to exploit weak websites. SQL injection has become a typical vulnerability that permits attackers to insert malicious code into websites in order to gain access to data or infiltrate other areas of the site.

Although http_daddy is damaging a lot of websites experts from security say you can protect yourself from this kind of attack. If you install the right security measures for your site to secure yourself from hackers trying to hack your site.

How Daddy Was Able to Destroy All Websites


Daddy has been a cyber-hacker who has destroyed the websites he at. He was first known for his attacks on the official website that is owned by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Daddy’s attack on NSA website succeeded in removing the site. He also shut down other websites as well which included the ones from Sony, The Guardian, and The New York Times. In all, Daddy has destroyed over 60 websites.

What is it that makes Daddy succeed is the employing a hacking device known as “DADDY.” DADDY allows Daddy to break through security barriers and gain access to sensitive information from websites. Daddy asserts that this information can be used to blackmail individuals and to steal their information.

As of now, Daddy has not been successful in securing large websites, though the alleged victim claims that he previously done it. His primary targets are small websites that aren’t properly protected. But, his goal is eventually to destroy all websites that is online.

The Attack Method

Hacker groups have targeted websites for many years, however, the tactics they employ have evolved dramatically over the years. In the beginning of hacking, hackers employed the brute-force method to identify passwords, or gain access to accounts by guessing usernames and passwords.


Nowadays, hackers are more likely to employ an attack technique known as http_daddy. This technique involves creating a specially-crafted URL that requires the victim’s browser to send several requests to the targeted website. This can overload the server’s resources and could ultimately cause the server to fail or even become impossible to access.

Fortunately, many websites are frequently updated and therefore are immune to this kind of attack. But, if your site isn’t well secured it could be a target for hackers who can use http_daddy’s vulnerability to shut down your website.

The Result

If you’re searching for an attacker of websites then you’re in the right spot. http_daddy is a hacker who can destroy websites one after another quickly. With more than 10,000 hacks in his portfolio It’s no wonder that his name is regarded as among the more risky hackers around the globe.

How did this hacker remove numerous websites? It all begins by exploiting a single flaw which allows him access to the site’s administrator section. Once inside, he is able to begin deleting any file that he’d like, including the homepage of the website and its main menu. In some instances it’s been reported that he’s been known to wipe entire sections off the website, degrading all the content that was created over time.

But don’t fret this isn’t the one trick pony. He is also known to use malware and viruses that take over websites, and then cripple their internal systems. If you’re looking for a company that can shut down your site without much effort Look no further than http_daddy.



http_daddy is a site that, as its name implies, is designed to take down any website. The website was created by a small group of developers who wanted to show other developers what they could accomplish when they had access to malware-based coding tools in order to employ these tools. http_daddy is linked to various cyberattacks in the past couple of months, including one against French bank major BNP Paribas, in 2016,. The attack led to the theft of information in millions of bank accounts.

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