I’m Feeling Curious : Google Tricks and Fun

I’m Feeling Curious

Boredom can strike at any time, whether you are at work, in the park or at home. Sometimes, you feel like nothing can beat boredom. Google now makes it possible to beat boredom with a variety of tricks. The “I’m feeling curious” trick is only one drop in a bucket of water. Google offers many other tricks that are shared and discussed all over the internet. People have every reason to believe, despite all the discoveries and experiments, that Google still has a lot to offer. We just have to discover.

I’m Feeling Curious

You can also talk about other tricks. There are many Google gravity tricks that you can use to make your homepage seem like it is in a zero-gravity zone. This will amaze your friends. There is another gravity trick that makes everything on Google’s homepage fall to the bottom, similar to a high gravity situation.

You can also make it difficult for people to use Google by changing letters from small to capital. Google is a great way to learn about many of these tricks. Each trick is so complex and intricate that it requires an entire article.

Today, however, you can “in-depth” learn about one of Google’s most popular and entertaining tricks, the “I’m Feeling Curious” trick. Before you can master “I’m feeling curious”, you need to know a few things.

  • The Beginning –

In 2015 , the “I’m feeling curious” trick was first introduced. Google made the announcement, unlike many other schemes. Google’s announcement is a sign of how important the feature is, as other tricks don’t get the same treatment.

I’m Feeling Curious

This feature was launched in September 2015, so it has been around almost five years. We can assume that Google won’t remove this feature anytime soon, because it is educational and fun.

  • Extremely Informative –

The “I’m Feeling Curious” feature excels in this area. It is extremely informative and can provide endless and entertaining facts about any topic on the internet. Google “I’m Feeling Curious” will return many questions that most people have, but don’t know the answers to. One search result may return the question: Is sign language different in other countries? This is a valid question you may not be able to answer. This question is also relevant to students who are interested in learning sign language.

This is only one example of the many you can get from this Google feature. Another example is: How many miles per an hour does the Earth orbit the Sun?

The type of person you’re will determine how much time you spend learning this little trick. Google offers endless information that can be consumed in a matter of minutes. Some people can gobble up all day. Others spend only five minutes before becoming bored again.

YouTube has many videos in which people say that this information can be very useful at school or even in their careers. You never know when you might be asked a question by Google.

  • It opens the door to other Google tricks –

Google doesn’t just have the “I feel curious” trick, as we said before. This feature will open the door to many other Google features. Another example is “Get Local Time Anywhere.” This feature allows you to see the current time in any city around the globe. If you wish to sync times with family members and friends, the local time trick is a great option. Gamers will find this an essential feature, as they have friends all over the world.

This is only one of many tricks Google offers that you can take advantage of. You will see the positive impact technology and Google have on your life if you spend the time to learn them.

I’m Feeling Curious

Here are some “I’m Feeling Curious!” finds!

Google presented you with a question when the feature first appeared in the past. The random question will appear when you enter the statement into the query box. If you want to search for another question, you can simply press the “Ask Another Question” button. You will not find the answer to a question you don’t know the answer even now. Google is smarter than anyone can imagine.

Other tricks were also developed during the time when “I’m feeling curious”. The most effective ways to relieve boredom include –

  1. Fun Fact.
  2. I’m feeling stellar.
  3. I feel trendy.
  4. I’m feeling wonderful.
  5. I feel playful.
  6. I’m feeling puzzled.
  7. I’m feeling Doodley.
  8. I’m feeling generous.
  9. I feel artistic.

Of course,

  1. I feel curious.

I’m Feeling Curious

These queries will return results based on the feeling that you Google. If you search for “I feel trendy”, it will give you the most current trends. These could include fashion and the latest gadgets. You can find different charities that you could donate to by using the “I’m feeling generous” query. Although the “Fun fact query” returns results very similar to “I feel curious”, they are often more interesting and even more funny.

These are not the only similar questions. Here are some interesting “I’m feeling curious” questions that you can find the answers to.

  • How fast does Earth Earth revolve around the Sun at an hour?

This is a fascinating question that almost everyone has in their minds. We never find the right answer for this question, however.

At the Equator, the EarthEarth’s surface travels at approximately 24,898 miles an hour. This roughly equals to 11.130 meters per second. The earth orbits around the Sun at 67,000 miles an hour.

  • Bruce Lee’s Study Guide?

Most of us are familiar with Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is the most well-known action star of all times. But, few people, except for the most dedicated fans know his true background and what he has studied.

Bruce is a student Ip Man, the most famous Wing Chun Master ever. You can count the number of movies that Ip Man, the martial arts master, has made. Most of these movies are fiction. Bruce Lee was only 16 when he started working under Ip Man. He lost a fight at school with a rival gang member when he did this.

  • A goalkeeper can score by throwing the ball.

This is a question most football fans ask. A goalkeeper can score this way. This action is not negated by any rule. The rule book clearly states that play begins when the goalkeeper releases a ball.

  • Why is red hair so common?

This question is most popular in Ireland and the United States. Only 1 to 2 percent of Earth’s Earth population has red hair. Only 150 million people have red hair out of the 7.5 billion on Earth Earth.

Research has shown that red hair is mostly caused by a mutation in genes called MC1R. This means you may not have red hair even if your parents have it.

I’m Feeling Curious

Some people believe technology is lazy and a waste of time. This is a common misconception that comes mainly from older generations. This is especially true when visiting countries in South-Eastern Asia. Although the statement may be true in some cases, it is not always true. You can access the whole world through e-commerce websites like Facebook and Google. You would be very lazy if you had this much information and access.

It is therefore quite pleasing to see Google taking so many steps in the right directions. You can still find search results that you enjoy even in boredom. However, they aren’t a waste of your time. You can learn these tricks by learning them yourself. You can search Google Easter Eggs or other tricks from YouTube, articles, and this one to find something that will suit your needs throughout the day.

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