How to fix PS4 WS-37337-3 Error NEW and Updated in 2022


Are you experiencing the PS4 Error WS-37337-3 when you attempt to access the PlayStation Network? This article will tell you the meaning behind this error and how to get it fixed.


What is PS4 error code WS-37337-3 refer to?

If the PlayStation 4 does not allow you to connect on PlayStation Network, PlayStation Network and you’re getting the WS-37337-3 error message, it’s a sign that your PSN account is suspended. The complete error message should read: “Access to PlayStation Network for this account has been temporarily blocked and temporarily suspended. (WS-37337-3)” (or “Access for accessing PlayStation Network for this account was temporarily suspended as a result of policies violations. A message with further information will be delivered at the address of this account. Please also be sure to read the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement. (WS-37337-3).”

A suspended or banned PSN account will not be able to use your account on the PlayStation Network or use its products and services. The games, products as well as other digital content that you purchased are also not available.

The precise duration of the suspension will depend on how serious the offense therefore you’ll need be sure to check your email for the exact date. Sony sends you an email informing you of the suspension of your account as in the precise time frame during which suspension will be lifted.


The causes of the error code WS-37337-3 on PS4

There are two main reasons for why your PSN account could be suspended for a short period of time. If you’re experiencing the WS-37337-3 error message, it is likely to be caused by one or more of the following:

Infraction Of PlayStation Network ToS (Terms of Service) or CoC (Code of Conduct).

When you sign to create to sign up for a PlayStation Network account, you’ll have to sign a contract to follow the rules set forth by Sony which is known as The Conditions of Service. We understand that not all users have enough time or energy to go through the legal jargon in the PSN ToS but that doesn’t mean that you’re not able to not follow the terms. Sony is very strict about committing any violations of the Terms of Service serious and when you violate any of the rules even if not intend to do so, it can result in the permanent or temporary account suspension.


For more serious instances the possibility of a console ban could even be put in place. When the PS4 console has been banned it is not able to use it to connect to PlayStation Network. PlayStation Network using any PSN account.

The ToS also contains also the Community Code of Conduct (CoC) and any breach of the CoC could result in being suspended or banned. If, for instance, you’ve been accused of being abusive or harassing another user this could be cause which can cause your account to be banned or suspended. Repetition of violations of your ToS or CoC could eventually lead in a ban on your console.

Inability to pay due to problems that your financial institution has with you.

Your PlayStation account could be temporarily suspended if you have an outstanding payment that isn’t finalized yet. Sony is not tolerant of late payments on subscriptions or transactions. If you are unable to access PlayStation Network due to WS-37337-3 error message, be sure you check whether you owe Sony something, by looking at your bank account.

Sony suspects that there is a scam.

If Sony detects a possibility of account take-overor unexpected purchase made, Sony could temporarily close the account to ensure they can look into the matter.

How do I solve PS4 error WS-37337-3?

If you’re PlayStation Network has become inaccessible and you’re running the WS-37337-3 code, these steps could aid in understanding the issue:

Step #1: Check your email.

Sony will send you an email when they decide to suspend or ban the account or console. Check the email that is associated to you PSN account for additional information.

If you are unable to locate any emails coming from Sony on your list of inboxes, make sure to check other folders such as your Spam folder. If you’re certain that there’s no message from Sony You can reach with the Sony Support team.


Step 2: Examine potential violations in ToS as well as CoC.

While the email from Sony should provide details about your account’s suspension or ban You can also choose to go through your copy of the PlayStation ToS and the included CoC to understand the specifics of the violation.

Step 3: Go to your account at your bank.

If you believe that you didn’t violate or violated the ToS or CoC It’s possible you’re facing a problem with your payment method. This could be the case when you have blocked your bank from sending payments to a Sony PSN account, or in the event that your payment method isn’t able to provide the required funds.

Step 4: Login to your account from a different device.

You can confirm that there is a log problem with your account by logging into it with another device. You can check whether you can login via a mobile device or a different PS4. If you are able to access your PlayStation Network on your phone or another console, just leave your account using your main PS4 and then log back in.


Step 5: Contact PlayStation support team.

All bans on consoles and accounts as well as suspensions will be final and can’t be appealed. If, however, your suspension of account is because of an unpaid transaction (or subscription), you are able to reach them to pay the outstanding debt.

It is also important to get in touch with Sony If you believe that your account has been compromised or used for an unauthorized purchase.

It’s strongly recommended that you contact an Sony representative before requesting an amount of money back for a purchase that you do not recognize. A lot of people try to ask to get a refund on an unauthorized payment or purchase before making contact with Sony that could result in the suspension of their account for a period of time.

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